OWS Context SWG


Brackin, Roger (Envitia Ltd.) - Co-Chair,
Goncalves, Pedro (Terradue Srl) - Co-Chair

Group Description:

The purpose of the OWS Context SWG is to produce a version 1.0.0 implementation standard.

The principle use case for an OWS Context document is for defining the application state of an Integrated Client. When this application state is reproduced by two or more Integrated Clients, such clients are said to share a common operational picture.  The OWS Context SWG will evaluate and incorporate the best aspects of WMS Context, OWS Context, KML and Location Organizer Folder (LOF) into a new OWS Context proposal that would expedite the adoption of a normative 1.0 version of an OWS Context specification.  The work will emphasize ease of implementation through the use existing well established formats and protocols.