Metadata and Catalog DWG


Houbie, Frederic (Hexagon)
Vandenbroucke, Danny (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Spatial Applications Division)
Cochrane, Byron (Cochrane, Byron)
Raes, Lieven (Agentschap Informatie Vlaanderen (AIV))

Group Description:

This Domain Working Group is a merger of the Metadata DWG and the Catalog DWG.  Until the joint charter is approved, the descriptions of each of the groups will be displayed here:


The Metadata DWG addresses issues related to how metadata must be specified in OpenGIS Specifications to fully enable certain services in the OpenGIS Service Architecture. Maintains close correspondence between ISO TC/211 metadata standard and OpenGIS Specification's handling of metadata.


The Catalog Domain Working Group is responsible for collection of requirements, technology discussions, presentations, and other activities related to OGC work on interface specifications for Catalogs. Catalogs enable the collection, maintenance, and access of content and service metadata for the dynamic discovery of resources. The Catalog Working Group is also the forum for discussion, development, and approval of Profiles of the OpenGIS Catalog Specification.