Mass Market DWG

The mission of the Mass Market Domain Working Group is to broaden the use of location-aware technologies in mainstream consumer and business IT infrastructures.

This working group has two broad goals. The first is to understand the implementation barriers for these interest groups and document them in a format that can guide future technology design. Second, the group will define a suite of services and information encodings that complement the existing OGC specifications, but are directly tailored to the requirements discovered in understanding the needs of the mass market.

This is the public home page for the Mass Market Domain Working Group. This group was established at the December 2006 OGC TC/PC Meetings.

The OGC working group is open to non-OGC member participation. OGC members and the public can join the discussion list here:

Discusion currently centers on the following topics:

  • Modern digital maps: KML, OWS Context, etc.
  • GeoRSS
  • Geo in relation to Web 2.0
  • Mobile Internet