Integrated Digital Built Environment SC


Roensdorf, Carsten (Ordnance Survey) - Co-Chair

Group Charter:

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Group Description:


This document is the Charter for the Integrated Digital Built Environment Subcommittee (IDBE SC) as a Subcommittee of the Technical Committee.  The goal for this subcommittee is to increase interoperability between the geospatial and built environment domains, specifically through coordination of standards development activities of the OGC and buildingSMART International (bSI). 



Please see the white paper [OGC 17-055] “Joint OGC/bSI Whitepaper Agreed Framework for Cooperation” for details on the scope and operation of this subcommittee.


Charter Members

Initial membership of the IDBE SC includes:

Ø  Ordnance Survey

Ø  Bentley Systems

Ø  bSI


The IDBE SC will be open to all OGC and bSI member organization per the respective participation policies of OGC and bSI.


Subcommittee Policies and Procedures

The IDBE SC will establish a schedule of meetings to be convened in person or by teleconference.  Meeting dates and times will be posted to OGC members and will be scheduled so as to minimize conflict with other related OGC meetings.

Products of the IDBE SC will advance in each OGC and bSI per the policies and procedures of each organization. The IDBE SC will not develop standards, but will provide requirements and supporting information to OGC Standards Working Groups (SWGs).