Desruisseaux, Martin (GEOMATYS) - Group Chair

Group Charter:

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Group Description:


The GeoAPI Standard Working Group (SWG) aims to update the GeoAPI Standard which define a set of programming language API along with an associated test suite, to provide a standardized, programming language level realization of some core OGC specifications. These APIs facilitate the creation of accurate, coherent, interoperable, and verifiable implementations of those OGC standards. Those interfaces will be derived from existing OGC/ISO specifications, which may be interpreted for coherence with common practices on the target platform. The GeoAPI SWG shall not define any new concept, except constructs needed for integration with the target platform.

The GeoAPI SWG will also provide a test suite which can be run against any implementation of the interfaces. The test suite will include Geospatial Integrity of Geoscience Software (GIGS) tests. Integration with the CITE tests will be explored – currently the two test suites do not overlap since GeoAPI tests are not about web services or file formats, but more harmonization can probably be achieved.

Finally the specification document will explain the work, document the interfaces and explain the rationale for all the deviations from OGC standards.


Scope of Work

The interfaces described in the GeoAPI standard may cover the following OGC standards:

ISO 19103 – Conceptual schema language
ISO 19115-1 – Metadata
ISO 19115-2 – Metadata extensions for imagery and gridded data
ISO 19112 – Spatial referencing by identifiers
ISO 19111 – Spatial referencing by coordinates
ISO 19111-1 – Referencing extension for parametric values
ISO 19108 – Temporal schema
ISO 19162 – Well-Known Text representation of coordinate reference system
TBD – Well-Known Text (WKT) and Well-Known Binary (WKB) for geometry
ISO 19107 – Feature geometry
ISO 19109 – Rules for application schema
ISO 19123 – Schema for coverage geometry and functions
ISO 19156 – Observations and measurements
OGC 14-083 – Moving Features
OGC CQL – Common Query Language
OGC 09-026 – OGC Filter Encoding
OGC SLD – Styles Layer Descriptor

What is out of scope?
This work is not expected to cover all OGC standards. REST API may be part of a separated initiative based on OpenAPI. Reference implementation of the interfaces will exist but will not be part of the work of this SWG.


Activities planned for GeoAPI SWG

The working group will translate existing OGC/ISO standards to programmatic interfaces; it will not define any new model of its own, except for specificities of the target platform. The group may in some cases merge two standards (e.g. ISO 19115-1 and ISO 19115-2) for clearer API. Work will be done by committing on the master GeoAPI project on OGC GitHub together with discussions on the mailing list:

This repository is public, allowing work to be evaluated by anyone at any stage.


License Policy of the SWG

The interfaces and test suite will be distributed with OGC copyright under a BSD-like license:

Supporters of the Proposal

The following contributors (listed in alphabetical order) are interested by this proposal:

  • Akinori Asahara (Hitachi)
  • Ethan Davis (UCAR)
  • Jean-Baptiste Henry (Thales)
  • Kim Kyoung-Sook (AIST)
  • Mark Hedley (UK Met Office)
  • Martin Desruisseaux (Geomatys)