Business Value Committee

The OGC Business Value Committee (BVC) will directly engage senior managers, commercial, sales and marketing professionals from the OGC membership in activities to identify, organize and promote the business value of OGC standards. These activities include a long-term vision to develop (through case studies and reference implementations) a pervasive value platform for using OGC and complementary standards; as well as defining a business model to address a Standards Value Model, incorporating both costs and benefits.  The BVC will also provide a website in which OGC members may quickly and easily find business value data for use in their own domains and presentations.

The mission of the BVC is to

1)  Assess the effort (costs) and outcomes (benefits) required to successfully use geospatial standards

2)  Understand and articulate the advantages of developing and using OGC standards

3)  Enable the wider community of stakeholders to leverage business value as a tool to foster investment and implementation


The BVC will assess the return on investment requirements in line with the value of geospatial standards and highlight how using OGC® standards can offer value across the community in a cost-effective and sustainable manner.

The Business Value Committee email list is open to both members and non-members. Subscribe to the list here.