The OGC has 4 core programs that enable us to innovate and deliver high quality standards for the geospatial community. These are:

Standards Program:

In the OGC Standards Program the Technical Committee and Planning Committee work in a formal consensus process to arrive at approved (or "adopted") OGC® standards. Learn about the standards that have been approved so far, and see the lists of products that implement these standards.

Innovation Program:

A global, innovative, hands-on prototyping and testing program designed to accelerate interface development and validation, and bring interoperability to the market. Learn about the different initiatives currently under way, how they are organized, and how you can participate.

Compliance Program:

The OGC Compliance Program provides the resources, procedures, and policies for improving software implementations' compliance with OGC standards. The Compliance Program provides an online free testing facility, a process for certification and branding of compliant products, and coordination of a vibrant community that develops and supports test scripts. The Compliance Program also runs plugfests, which are short term events for increasing interoperability among vendors' products. 

Marketing and Promotions:

The OGC and its members offer resources to help technology developers and users take advantage of the OGC's open standards. Technical documents, training materials, test suites, reference implementations and other interoperability resources developed in OGC Interoperability Initiatives are available on our resources page. In addition, the OGC and its members support publications, workshops, seminars and conferences to help technology developers, integrators and procurement managers introduce OGC plug and play capabilities into their architectures.