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OGC, as a formal organization, must institute and follow a defined set of Policies and Procedures in order to fulfill its vision and mission. Below are links to information defining these policies and procedures as well as a few of the formal texts - the actual by laws and intellectual property documents - that cover the OGC methodology for doing business. Please make sure you refer to these on occasion as they are, by their nature, often revised.


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Regions - Australasia


The OGC encourages and supports the formation of regional forums, interest groups and project activities to address standards requirements, issues and challenges unique to a geographic region. 

The OGC's regional activities work to form a solid support foundation from which OGC members in Australia and New Zealand can develop business and implementation plans for sustainable involvement ongoing OGC specification activities and to implement interoperable geospatial architectures that utilize OGC standards and related standards.

OGC Europe

European companies, agencies, research centers and universities have played and continue to play a critical role in the development, product implementation, and market adoption of OGC standards.

OGC European forums, interest groups and project activities work to: