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Filter Encoding

This jointly developed OGC and ISO TC/211 International Standard describes an XML and KVP encoding of a system neutral syntax for expressing projections, selection and sorting clauses collectively called a query expression. These components are modular and intended to be used together or individually by other standards which reference this International Standard.

Coordinate Transformation Service

The OpenGIS® Coordinate Transformation Service Standard (CT) provides a standard way for software to specify and access coordinate transformation services for use on specified spatial data. This standard addresses a key requirement for overlaying views of geodata (“maps”) from diverse sources: the ability to perform coordinate transformation in such a way that all spatial data are defined relative to the same spatial reference system.

OGC Standards

Below is a list of OGC Implementation Standards.

Implementation Standards are different from the Abstract Specification. They are written for a more technical audience and detail the interface structure between software components. An interface specification is considered to be at the implementation level of detail if, when implemented by two different software engineers in ignorance of each other, the resulting components plug and play with each other at that interface.

Communications and Outreach Program Overview

Hundreds of commercial products now implement OGC® standards to provide users with "plug and play" interoperability. But the initial support of vendors and integrators in the geoprocessing industry does not guarantee ongoing interoperability. The permanent success of any standards effort ultimately depends on users consistently choosing products based on standards. Recognizing that OGC's interoperability framework needs to be well understood and broadly supported by the whole user community, OGC launched the Communications and Outreach Program to:

OGC History (detailed)


By Lance McKee, Senior Staff Writer, Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) 

David Schell, founder of the OGC, was at the top of the list of recipients of geospatial leadership awards at the Geospatial World Forum 2012, held 23-27 April in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the Forum organizers focused on his role in transforming the geospatial industry through a consensus standards process.

Innovation Program Policies & Procedures

The OGC Innovation Program Policies & Procedures (IP PnP) describe the various initiative types run by the Innovation Program and explains the organization of IP initiative types with respect to a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) scale. The IP PnP provide an umbrella for all initiative types and define common elements, processes, and roles; as well as the specific characteristics of each initiative type.

You can view the full OGC Innovation Program Policies & Procedures document online here.