SSSI/OGC Webinar Series: Modernizing the location standards baseline - OGC APIs

Thursday, 1 October 2020 20:00 EDT
Thursday, 1 October 2020 21:00 EDT
Webinar Information: 

This event is part of a series of webinars in collaboration with Australia's Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI)

In this session, OGC's head of standards, Scott Simmons, will share how OGC is evolving its standards baseline for accessing geospatial/location information via the OGC APIs. The OGC API family of standards is being developed to make it easy to provide geospatial data to the web. They build on the OGC Web Service standards (WMS, WFS, WCS, WPS, etc) but define resource-centric APIs that take advantage of modern web development practices. 

If you have an application or a use case that requires integration of geospatial/location information, this is your opportunity to learn about the latest, simplest and most interoperable way to do that!