Weather Revolution Workshop

Tuesday, 25 August 2020 10:00 EDT
Tuesday, 25 August 2020 14:00 EDT
Event Description: 

The global weather sector is undergoing revolutionary change  driven by major advancements in sensing and data collection via new satellite, in-situ and airborne observations. This revolution is accelerated by rapidly increasing industry contributions to observations and analytics, shifting the dynamics of weather prediction and forecasting, and outpacing government-owned and operated capabilities. 

In addition to an expanding global resource of IoT and other ground based fixed and mobile sensors, industry is fielding satellite observations from companies such as Spire and are capturing 5000 radio occultation observations daily, along with similar space and ground based capabilities being provided by GeoOptics, PlanetIQ, and Climacell. Big Data analytics are integrating an increasing array of sources - both historic and real time to help drive highly accurate, market specific, hyperlocal / micro scale forecasts and predictions to support a improved readiness and response to severe weather events, and to address the growing market-specific demand for weather data to drive efficiencies and safeguard assets.  

Join OGC for our Weather Revolution Workshop to:

  • Better understand the technology trends relevant to weather prediction and forecasting
  • Discuss the implications of major growth in commercial weather observations and capacity
  • Consider possible futures for government, commercial data providers, and value adders
  • Identify areas of potential for experimentation, and public-private partnerships
  • Observe challenge areas in tech standards necessary to meet new and evolving requirements for hyperlocal weather 

From this dialog among panelists and workshop attendees, OGC will be preparing a detailed report of findings and recommendations to help further stimulate the advancement of the global weather community

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Workshop Agenda:


Session 1:   Navigating the New Normal - A discussion on the current state of the art in information resources, technologies and public / private sector collaboration to improve weather analytics, forecasting and prediction.  

1000-1005 Welcome / Introductions  - Nadine Alameh, CEO Open Geospatial Consortium

1005 - 1050  The Changing dynamics between government and industry in weather forecasting and prediction 

Nadine Alameh, CEO, OGC

NOAA National Weather Service , Kari Sheets, Geographic Systems Team Lead,  Office of Dissemination
 UK MET Office, Charles Ewen, Director of Technology & CIO
 METEO France (Invited)
Environment and Climate Change Canada / Meteorological Service of Canada, 
Richard Hogue, Executive Director National Prediction Development Division
European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts, Stephan  Siemen, Forecast Department Head of Development 

1050-1135 Implications of the new weather observation and analytics environment

Mark Reichardt, OGC

Spire, Jeff Rex, VP Engineering Weather
ClimaCell, Daniel Rothenberg, Chief Scientist
LiveRoad Analytics, Murray Armstrong, Co-Founder and CEO
RiskPulse, Jon Davis, Chief Meteorologist 
WeatherSource, Mark Gibbas, CEO 

1135-1140   Break

Session 2:  Opportunities and challenges ahead for Weather Forecasting / Prediction   Discussion of the emerging and disruptive trends, challenges and opportunities ahead for the weather industry to continue improvement of weather analytics,  forecasting and prediction for enhanced public safety and market success.

1140-1225  What’s Next?  Opportunities and Challenges for the Weather Community

Dana Ostrenga, Data Management Architect, National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service (NESDIS), US NOAA

Pelmorex Media Inc. - The Weather Network, Chris Scott, Director, Meteorology
TruWeather, Don Berchoff, CEO 
CustomWeather, Geoff Flint, President & CEO 
Tammy Flowe, Research Meteorologist FAA Next Gen, Aviation Weather Division
US Air Force Directorate of Weather, Michael Farrar, Chief Scientist

1225-1300  Session 3: Wrap Up Discussion:  Identification of Next Steps for Action - A focused discussion on specific opportunities and challenges for the community, including actions that can be addressed by the OGC, its members and alliance partners.

Michael Farrar, President Elect, American Meteorological Society (AMS)

This will be a highly interactive discussion among panelists and with the audience to identify opportunities for action.

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