The OGC Working Group Series: Collaboration Starts Here (webinar)

Thursday, 28 May 2020 09:00 EDT
Friday, 5 June 2020 11:45 EDT
Event Description: 

The OGC Working Group Webinar Series

Join our community of experts for an upcoming series of webinars highlighting recent achievements and findings across OGC's working groups.  From standards to domain-oriented innovations, the OGC community is actively working to make location information Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR).

This webinar series will focus on a few of OGC's Domain and Standards working groups as a precursor to our upcoming June Members meeting. Not an OGC member? Join now. 

Session Information:

Health Domain:
Ajay Gupta,

The OGC Health Domain Working Group enables OGC to identify and work with a representative group of market participants in the identification and prioritization of use cases, business and technical requirements that will provide the most significant value, or mitigate the most significant risks in this arena. This presentation will discuss the Health DWG White Paper, including how a Health SDI will advance GeoHealth capabilities; OGC's upcoming efforts to design a Health SDI; and cover the upcoming Health DWG meeting at the June OGC Member Meeting.
June 2, 11am EDT
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Jeff Yutzler, Image Matters

June 3. 10am EDT
GeoPackage is an open, standards-based, platform-independent, portable, self-describing, compact, and extensible format for transferring geospatial information. The format has nearly zero limitations and is broadly implemented. During this webinar, OGC’s GeoPackage SWG chair, Jeff Yutzler, will give an update on the status of OGC GeoPackage.
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Discrete Global Grid Systems:
Matthew Purss, Pangaea Innovations

Discrete Global Grid Systems (DGGS) bring a fundamental re-thinking of how we reference spatial information to its position on the Earth (or any other portion of space) - one that has been designed for the digital age and for efficient, accurate spatial analysis and processing. It's natively 3D and does away with the need for projections entirely.
June 4, 11am EDT
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Web Mapping Service (WMS)
Joan Masó Pau, Cos4Cloud

One of OGC's most popular standards, OGC Web Mapping Service allows users to dynamically request maps from a server. Every OGC WMS is individually configured and can serve a multitude of different maps, combination of layers, and can optionally even be styled with different cartography. WMS SWG Chair Joan Masó Pau will discuss the latest developments in this popular OGC Standard.
June 5, 11am EDT
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Speaker Information:

Ajay Gupta
Health Tech Innovator,

Chair: Health Domain Working Group

Over his 20+ year career in cybersecurity serving higher education, non-profits, commercial, and healthcare industries, Ajay Gupta has seen companies suffer the consequences of security breaches as well as the productivity and financial losses due to poor management of IT projects.

He works to leverage the best of tech to speed the transformation of American healthcare into a system that innovates healthcare delivery & access to care, reduces costs, improves quality, lowers health disparities & improves overall community & population health.

Jeff Yutzler
Senior Engineer at Image Matters

Chair: GeoPackage Standards Working Group

Jeff Yutzler is a Senior Engineer at Image Matters, a software technology and professional services firm providing enterprise-grade solutions for demanding industries.

Mr. Yutzler specializes in the collaborative software and systems engineering needed to solve complex challenges. He has acted as a liaison to the OGC since 2002, with the goal to develop robust solutions to common spatio-temporal problems and thereby maximize the value of our data and information. He was elected to OGC’s Architecture Board (OAB) in 2016 and has been the chairman of the GeoPackage Standards Working Group (SWG) since 2014.


Matthew Purss
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Pangaea Innovations

Chair: Discrete Global Grid Domain and Standards Working Groups

Dr. Matthew Purss is an experienced geophysicist, an entrepreneur and thought leader in emerging geospatial technologies. He has a strong and diverse technical background, gained over the past 20 years across the exploration geophysics, research and government sectors, with expertise in potential field and electromagnetic geophysics, global seismology, digital signal processing and geospatial standards development.






Joan Masó Pau
Researcher, CREAF

Chair: Web Mapping Service Standards Working Group, OWS Common Standards Working Group

Dr. Masó is a researcher at CREAF and GIS developer. He is the co-creator of the MiraMon compressed map and the MiraMon Map Reader idea in 1997; the first MiraMon technology for Internet distribution. Dr. Masó is also a teacher in Remote Sensing and GIS at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. He is involved with numerous professional/scientific bodies.


Previous Webinar Recordings:

Steve Liang, SensorUp

May 27, 11am EDT
Dr. Steve Liang, chair of the OGC SensorThings API Standard Working Group, will discuss the development roadmap, innovative use cases, and examples how the SensorThings API is being used during the time of COVID-19. The roadmap discussion will present the alignment of the OGC API and SensorThings, best practices of using MQTT, and stateless SensorThings. We will also discuss some real-world use cases around the world including environmental monitoring, logistics, public safety, and energy. Finally, we will present examples of using SensorThings to combat COVID-19 in order to protect our workforces and workplaces. Webinar attendees will get up to speed on state-of-the-art geospatial and IoT, and the future of the OGC SensorThings API.
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Ki-Joune Li, Pusan National University
May 28, 9am EDT
Demand for indoor maps continues to increase. While many indoor map services have been created using proprietary formats and data models, OGC IndoorGML provides an open standard. This webinar will include: basic concepts of IndoorGML; building and handling indoor maps; extending IndoorGML for your apps, and; several use-cases.
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Security Domain:
Andreas Matheus, Secure Dimensions GmbH

The Security DWG aims to establish an interoperable security framework for OGC Web Services to enable protected geospatial information processing. This webinar will report on the history of the group and their achievements, as well as cover the newest topics addressed in most recent OGC Testbeds.
May 29, 11am EDT
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