OGC Start Ups @ the 120th OGC Member Meeting




Tuesday, 14 September 2021 04:00 EDT
Tuesday, 14 September 2021 05:30 EDT
Event Description: 

Engage with OGC Startups that are Disrupting, Growing, Evolving Location during this virtually co-located event. 

Startups are playing a critical role in the world of geospatial, now more than ever. With that in mind I would like to invite you to share more about your organization’s impacts at the first Singapore Geospatial Festival GeoMarketplace featuring an OGC start-ups virtual event during the 120th OGC Member Meeting, the week of September 13, 2021.

With the impact of Start-ups is growing at OGC, we felt it would be a great time to share why startups matter, and how they are continuing to evolve the landscape of location. As discussed in our recent blog: Disrupting, Growing, Evolving Location Five Ways Startups Grow Their Impact at OGC, the organization feels that startups bring something unique to the table and we want to help increase your own impact any way we can.

Attendees in this session will learn what problems  the vibrant OGC Startup community are solving, why OGC standards and innovation are important, and what they see as the next challenges for the industry.

Represented during this session:

AIDASH CTO & Co-Founder, Rahul Saxena - AIDASH Website (USA)

SimBlocks.io Owner, Jordan Dauble - SimBlocks.io Website (USA)

Latitudo40 CEO, Gaetano Volpe - Latitudo40 Website (Italy)

Blackshark Senior Product Manager, Marco Tillmann - Blackshark Website (Austria)

SENSORUP Founder & CEO, Steve Liang - SENSORUP Website (Canada)

Xtract.ai VP Operations, Justin Granek - Xtract.ai Website (Canada)

Ribose Founder & CEO, Ron Tse - Ribose Website (Hong Kong SAR, China)

Mist.eo Co-Founder, Chacko Jacob - Mist.eo Website (India)