OGC API – Common and OGC API – Features Sprint

Tuesday, 29 September 2020 09:00 EDT
Wednesday, 30 September 2020 17:00 EDT
Event Description: 

OGC is hosting three OGC API Sprints for Q3 2020. These sprints will each be held as two-day remote participation/web conferencing events during July, August, and September, 2020. Registration for the Q3 2020 OGC API Sprints is here.

The sprints will cover the draft OGC API - Common, OGC API - Maps and OGC API - Coverages specifications, as well as the draft Part 4 of the OGC API - Features standard. 

These draft specifications come from OGC’s concerted effort to create modular, resource-oriented API standards that use OpenAPI for describing interfaces that offer geographic information over the web - known collectively as the OGC API family of standards.

To ensure that all OGC APIs are as developer-friendly, usable, and mature as possible before release, all OGC APIs are being put through Sprints to test and improve their ‘readiness’ before starting the OGC standards approval process. An OGC Sprint is a collaborative and inclusive event driven by innovative and rapid programming with minimal process and organization constraints to support the development of new applications and open standards. 

This sprint will focus on two specifications: the draft Part 2 of OGC API – Common and the draft Part 4 of OGC API - Features specifications.

The draft OGC API - Common - Part 2: Collections specification provides a common connection between the API landing page and resource-specific details. That connection includes metadata that describes the collections of hosted resources, common parameters for selecting subsets of those collections, and URI templates for identifying the above. This common connection is sufficient to start the client down the path to resource discovery. 

OGC API - Features is a multipart standard that provides API building blocks for creating, modifying, and querying geospatial features over the Web. The draft Part 4 specification extends the core capabilities specified in the approved Part 1 standard with the ability to add, replace, modify, and/or delete individual feature instances from a single feature collection.

For more information see the announcement on the OGC Newsroom, or visit the registration page.

Information on all upcoming OGC Sprints can be found here.