Interoperable Simulation and Gaming (ISG) Sprint

Monday, 14 September 2020 09:00 EDT
Friday, 18 September 2020 17:00 EDT
Event Description: 

The goal of the Sprint is to advance the use of relevant OGC and Khronos standards in the modeling and simulation community through practical exercise and testing of the draft specification produced by the 3D Data Container and Tiles API Pilot. Of particular interest is the handling and integration of glTF models coming from multiple sources. There is secondary interest in the spec's implementability, consistency, completeness, and maturity. Implementation experiences obtained from the Sprint will advance the interests and work of the OGC Interoperable Simulation and Gaming Domain Working Group (ISG DWG) and of the OGC Standards Baseline in general.

Up to six organizations will be selected for funded participation, with each selected participant receiving a stipend of $15,000 to use as they see fit. Stipend funding is available to OGC members (or to organizations that submit a letter of intent to become a member if selected). Bidders not selected for funding may seek approval to participate at their own expense.

For more information, including the call for participation, see


SOFWERX facility at 1925 E. 2nd Ave. #102, Tampa FL. 33605

The dates may change depending on the state of Covid-19 infections and other national issues. If by August 14, 2020 there are still travel restrictions, the Sprint will be held virtually.