Nordic Forum

Mission Objectives / Key Activities

The OGC Nordic Forum is a grouping of the OGC members in the Nordic region, set up to promote the use and understanding of open standards for geospatial software and data for countries in the region, and to influence the definition and best use of these standards.

The objectives of the OGC Nordic Forum are to increase the profile and awareness of geospatial interoperability standards in Nordic countries, with national and local government as well as industry, academic and research organizations, to provide a forum for the collaboration of developers and users of spatial data products and services, and to assist in the definition of a set of standards to meet the requirements of Nordic countries. The Forum will assist organizations in understanding the tangible benefits of implementing geospatial interoperability standards, to identify the relevant standards, and to plan for success in realizing these benefits through use of OGC compliant products.

The members are committed to the use of the open interoperable standards defined by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).  The OGC Nordic Forum will work with the global as well as country specific OGC fora. The OGC Nordic Forum will also strive to work with other relevant industry and government bodies to achieve OGC's vision which is the realization of the full societal, economic and scientific benefits of integrating electronic location resources into commercial and institutional processes.

The OGC Nordic Forum is chartered to address a range of topics including, but not limited to:

  1. Develop awareness, acceptance and implementation of geospatial interoperability best practices in the region
  2. Develop documentation presenting the OGC standards in the Nordic region, and adapted to Nordic issues, use cases and organizational features
  3. Identify requirements related to Nordic needs for an understanding of OGC processes for standards development and to optimize any of the OGC Programs
  4. Manage an OGC Nordic Forum site to support dissemination, discussion and demonstrations
  5. Coordinate the organization of Interoperability Days in the Nordic area on a regular basis
  6. Drive increased OGC membership in the Nordic region. Emphasize improving membership involvement of industry, academic and research organizations
  7. Support the OGC European and global outreach and OGC Nordic regional projects in furthering the OGC global mission

Charter Members

Initial membership of the OGC Nordic Forum includes (by November 7th, 2011):

The OGC Nordic Forum is open to all OGC member organizations residing in the Nordic region, or conducting business in the Nordic countries.


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