OGC India

OGC India Foundation

Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) has established the OGC India Foundation as its exclusive agent in India to raise awareness and adoption of OGC Standards in India and to support the interests and needs of Indian organizations. The OGC India Foundation also facilitates the participation of Indian members in OGC international programs.

The OGC India Foundation supports a range of functions:  

  • Provides a platform to understand and represent the geospatial standards and interoperability needs of the Indian geospatial community.
  • Promotes i) the development and use of advanced open systems standards and techniques to enable the full integration of geospatial data and geoprocessing resources into mainstream computing, and ii) the widespread use of interoperable, commercial geoprocessing software throughout India.
  • As the exclusive agent for OGC in India, manages and maintains memberships of Indian organizations and individual professionals in the OGC.
  • Supports OGC Indian member organizations by:
    • Advising organizations on the benefits and features of the OGC standards and programs.
    • Organizing and conducting outreach and educational events and activities through the OGC India Forum
    • Represents the India-based membership of the OGC in membership organizations / associations in India with similar vision and mission.

Annual membership dues paid to the OGC India Foundation work to assure provision of services mentioned above to Indian organizational and individual members.  Annual dues also provide each Indian member with full membership privileges in the OGC international process commensurate with the membership level selected.

For Commercial/for-profit Enterprises with greater than INR 63,66,51,000 (INR 63.67 crores) Annual Revenue/Turnover, click here to download the OGC India Foundation – OGC Membership Agreement.

For Government, Academic, Research, and Not-for-Profit Organizations, Individuals, and Commercial/for-profit Organizations with less than or equal to INR 63,66,51,000 (INR 63.67 crores) Annual Revenue/Turnover, click here to download the OGC India Foundation – OGC Membership Agreement.

OGC India Forum

The India Forum of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC India Forum) is supported by the OGC India Foundation. The OGC India Forum was chartered in July 2009 to provide government, academic, research and industry organizations in India with opportunities to learn about and discuss issues related to interoperability of geographic information involving OGC standards. The Forum seeks to promote interoperability and create synergy between the various producers and users of geographic information and geomatics products and services in India. The Forum also provides a way for Indian organizations to coordinate their efforts to ensure that Indian requirements are addressed by the international standards of the OGC.

Dr. Ashok Kaushal, Managing Director, PCI Geomatics (India), author of the India Forum charter, said, "Forum members want to work together in India to maximize the benefits of using open standards in dealing with geospatial information. This is important not only for the ICT industry here, but it is also important as India advances in areas such as transportation, energy, agriculture, defense and natural resource management."

The OGC India Forum founding members are:

  • Director General Military Survey
  • Department of Science &Technology
  • DSM Soft Private Ltd
  • GIS Development Private Ltd
  • InfoTech Enterprises Ltd
  • PCI Geomatics
  • Rolta India Ltd

The members of the India Forum of the OGC invite other Indian organizations to join the Forum. Agencies can learn about the offerings of Indian companies and pool their interoperability requirements in standards development efforts; companies can meet potential customers and partners; universities and research centers can engage with government and industry and the OGC's active worldwide interoperability research community; and all can explore together ways to take advantage of the OGC standards that are revolutionizing the geospatial industry.

mmunshi [at] opengeospatial.org (Dr. M. K. Munshi) is the chair of the OGC India Forum.

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