OGC-E Participation in EU Funded Projects

The following European Union funded projects are selected references, highlighting how OGC and its Members have taken an active approach to disseminating the principles, achievements and benefits of OGC to the European geospatial community; shaping EU wide policies on geospatial information handling; and ensuring that specific European requirements are fed back into the global consensus standards process:

GIGAS (GEOSS, INSPIRE and GMES an Action in Support) promotes the coherent and interoperable development of the GMES, INSPIRE and GEOSS initiatives through concerted adoption of standards, protocols, and open architectures.

SANY (Sensors Anywhere) is an Integrated Project that focuses on interoperability of in-situ sensors and sensor networks.

ORCHESTRA (Open Architecture and Spatial Data Infrastructure for Risk Management) addressed the need to be able to consolidate information from disparate systems to support citizen protection and security, disaster management, criminal justice, and other missions, crossing pan-European agency boundaries and extending into national, state and local government areas.

RISE (Reference Information Specifications for Europe) addresses the central issue of data harmonization for interoperability among spatial information systems.

GETIS (Geoprocessing Network in a European Territorial Interoperability Study) contributed to an improved understanding of Spatial Data Infrastructure requirements in Europe by analyzing user requirements in a rigorous process of scenario and use case development involving domain experts and Earth observation industry experts.

GINIE (Geographic Information Network in Europe) was a research project to develop a deeper understanding of the key issues and actors affecting wider use of GI in Europe, and to articulate a strategy to promote wider use consistent with major policy and technological developments at the European and international level.