Regions - Australasia


The OGC encourages and supports the formation of regional forums, interest groups and project activities to address standards requirements, issues and challenges unique to a geographic region. 

The OGC's regional activities work to form a solid support foundation from which OGC members in Australia and New Zealand can develop business and implementation plans for sustainable involvement ongoing OGC specification activities and to implement interoperable geospatial architectures that utilize OGC standards and related standards.

OGC's Australasia business objectives:

  1. Maintain an active OGC support and facilitation presence in Australia and New Zealand.
  2. Insure sustainability and growth of OGC activities and community adoption of OGC based geoprocessing solutions in Australia and New Zealand.
  3. Overcome the friction of distance and provide better Australian and New Zealand membership support.
  4. Establish a basis for stronger representation and engagement of OGC interests in the Asia / Pacific region.
  5. Identify viable sources of funding and related resources for OGC related activates in Australia and New Zealand.
  6. Support a strong OGC Australasia Technical Committee activity.
  7. Solidify member leadership in the region and obtain key requirements definition and potential sponsorship for OGC related projects in Australia and New Zealand.

Benefits of participating in the OGC's Australasia regional activities:

The Australian and New Zealand Spatial Communities share a vision that "Australasia will be a global leader in the innovative provision and use of spatial information". The Spatial industry in Australia and New Zealand is very active and robust. The industry is growing at a healthy rate. There is a clear recognition in the industry that using spatial information and technology has broad application across many industries, giving the Australian and New Zealand spatial information industry the potential to offer the nation enormous benefits.

Progress - Completed OGC Australasia Region Projects:


Western Australia - Department of Land Information.
1. Open Standards and Specifications: Facilitating the alignment of DLI's business requirements and technology plans.
2. Notional Interoperability Architecture and Implementation Scheme for the Shared Land Information Platform (SLIP).
3. Gap Analysis of Components Required for Implementation of a Notional Interoperability Architecture for the Shared Land Information Platform
Information Queensland Technology Alignment Review
Volume 1: Executive Summary
Volume 2: QSIIS Managers' Summary
Volume 3: Project Team Technical Considerations
Volume 4: Appendices
AusIndustry: Spatial Interoperability Demonstration Project (SIDP) - sponsored by AusIndustry. Facilitated by ASIBA and OGC in Australasia. Notional Architecture for a Geo-enabled Enterprise Portal Platform for the AusIndustry Spatial Interoperability Demonstration Project