The SANY (Sensors Anywhere) project focuses on interoperability of in-situ sensors and sensor networks. The goal for the SANY architecture is to provide a quick and cost-efficient way to reuse data and services from currently incompatible sensors and data sources in future environmental risk management applications. SANY is an Integrated Project partly funded by the Information Society and Media Directorate General of the European Commission, as part of the European Commission's 6th framework program.

By developing a standard open architecture and a set of basic services for all kinds of sensors, sensor networks, and other sensor-like services, the SANY IP supports and enhances both GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security, a major European space initiative) and GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems) in the area of in-situ sensor integration. Though the SANY work enhances interoperability for monitoring sensor networks in general, the application focus is on air quality, bathing water quality, and urban tunnel excavation monitoring.