North American Forum

The goal for the North America Forum (NAF) is to address OGC standards requirements, OGC program coordination, outreach and education needs of government, academic, research and industry organizations in Canada, US and Mexico. The NAF will provide a coordination mechanism to prioritize North American geospatial and location specific interoperability requirements and work towards incorporating these requirements into the OGC standards process.

The objectives of the OGC North America Forum include, but are not limited to the following activities:

  • Identification and prioritization of key standards and interoperability requirements and issues for introduction to OGC international programs
  • Discussion of pending documents and potential allocation of review responsibilities among North American members. This will allow sharing the burden of document review and assure that the most experienced representatives conduct reviews and provide recommendations for Forum member consideration, in advance of OGC TC/PC meetings. 
  • Discussion of priorities for resourcing OGC activities given the growing diversity of OGC working groups and initiatives, and given the varied missions, domain focus and expertise of North American member organizations. 
  • Plan, coordinate and conduct events such as Interoperability Day events, workshops and seminars in the region to boost awareness, acceptance and adoption of OGC standards.  These events may be open to non-members as consistent with OGC Policies and Procedures
  • Coordinate with other national and regional OGC Forum activities outside North America