OGC France Forum

The OGC France Forum has been chartered (download charter) to inform government, academic, research and industry organizations in France about the benefits of participating in the OGC and using OGC Standards. The Forum also provides a coordination mechanism to prioritize French interoperability requirements and communicate these requirements into the OGC standards process.

The France Forum holds meetings to provide organized and facilitated dialog with French government, academic, research and industry organizations on a range of OGC topics relevant to French national, regional and local interests. In addition to raising awareness and coordinating participation in the OGC, the Forum: provides a platform for growing OGC membership and project participation by French organizations; develops French language documentation of OGC standards and related issues; and provides for coordinated representation in the OGC European Forum.

The new Forum coordinates the organization of OGC Interoperability Day events in France on a regular basis in relation with Geo French events such as Géo-événement. The Forum also aims to develop supportive and synergistic working relationships with the AFIGéO, CNIG and similar French organizations.

Charter members of the OGC France Forum include:

AIS (Agenium Informatique et Systemes)
Camptocamp France
Générale d'Infographie
Institut Géographique National
Office International de l'Eau
Spot Image
Thales Alenia Space

The OGC France Forum is open to all OGC member organizations residing in France or conducting business in France.

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