University of the Bundeswehr in Munich (UniBw)

The University of the Bundeswehr in Munich (UniBw) is the university of the unified armed forces of the Federal Republic of Germany. It offers courses for officers and members of the German Bundeswehr, as well as some enterprise employees. Projects cover subject matter ranging from geographic information (GI) services for indoor navigation and 3D-visualisation of vector data via the internet to the development of GI-based decision-support for early warning systems in landslide applications. As interoperability does not occur by accident, all projects make use of ISO or Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards. Academic teaching is also influenced by the requirement to use standards. General co-operation between DGIWG and OGC in the OGC’s Defence and Intelligence Domain Working Group in particular offers great opportunities for facilitating international standardisation in the exchange of geospatial information within the military community. Members of the UniBw AGIS group are working in DGIWG on behalf of BGIO, for example, on Geography Markup Language (GML) profiles and a standard-based portrayal solution. Other projects address extension of data modelling and data services to allow handling of data-integrity information in the form of semantic constraints, in accordance with standards and with interoperable integration of multi-sensors in early warning systems.
Prof. Dr-Ing Wolfgang Reinhardt,
AGIS GI research group, Professorship of Geoinformatics,
Department of Applied Computer Sciences, University of the
Bundeswehr Munich
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