Communications and Outreach Program Overview

Hundreds of commercial products now implement OGC® standards to provide users with "plug and play" interoperability. But the initial support of vendors and integrators in the geoprocessing industry does not guarantee ongoing interoperability. The permanent success of any standards effort ultimately depends on users consistently choosing products based on standards. Recognizing that OGC's interoperability framework needs to be well understood and broadly supported by the whole user community, OGC launched the Communications and Outreach Program to:

Lead outreach and education - OGC Communications and Outreach works with OGC members and user communities around the world to encourage "take up" or implementation of OGC standards, as well as to encourage new membership and engagement in OGC programs and initiatives. The Communications and Outreach program's comprehensive program of services to members and the global public includes blogging and social networking, email and print publications, conferences and symposiums, and training modules. OGC also works to establish dialog with organizations in industry sectors that have not yet been represented in OGC.

Nurture strategic partnerships and alliances - The OGC's Communications and Outreach program establishes mutually rewarding relationships with organizations whose missions and members will be served by the widespread adoption of OGC standards. The OGC has formal agreements with organizations such as the International City and County Management Association (ICMA), the Geospatial Information & Technology Association (GITA), and the Institute for Professional Education. Through these partnerships, the OGC helps educate the associations' members and participants about geoprocessing interoperability through seminars, workshops, conferences, formal training, and general marketing. For more information about our partner organizations, visit our Alliance Partners page.

Develop and support regional and sector programs - The OGC Communications and Outreach program manages regional offices that address the special program needs of world regions. To date, two not-for-profit regional offices have been established - Open Geospatial Consortium Europe, Limited (OGC-E); and OGC Australia. OGC members have established independent OGC Forums in Europe, UK &Ireland, France, Korea and India.

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