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The Open Geospatial Consortium ("OGC") has received inquiries from its members and the media regarding the proper use of Open Geospatial Consortium's trademarks and service marks. This document has been prepared to assist you in the proper use of these marks.

As you know, the OGC focuses its resources on developing and publicizing standards for adoption and use by the geospatial community. Our trademarks and service marks have become widely recognized symbols of leadership and excellence in the technology field. Proper use of these marks is essential to avoid legal complications, and OGC will audit the use of the OGC trademarks to determine compliance with these guidelines. Please carefully review the following information prior to publishing:

1. Use "Open Geospatial Consortium" in the first reference to the Consortium in all documents of mass communication, including marketing collateral and web pages. Use "OGC" only where there is another clear reference to "Open Geospatial Consortium" on the document.

2. OGC is the owner of the marks and logos ("OGC Marks" or "the Marks") identified in Schedule A; you have limited rights to use the OGC Marks provided you comply with the terms of this policy and other agreements you may have with OGC relating to use of the Marks. You may use the OGC Marks identified in Schedule A only to identify your company's membership in the Consortium or to describe or reference OGC standards, documents, software, or other products listed at the OGC web site (collectively, "OGC Products").

3. OGC Marks must only be used in a way that accurately reflects the status associated with the OGC Products. The status of an OGC document describes the context in which the product was developed including the publication date, intellectual property disclosures (e.g. copyright or patent terms), location (URI), its publication level (Adopted Specification, Recommendation Paper), and future expectations regarding the OGC Product.

4. OGC Marks may not be used to indicate any kind of endorsement by the OGC, official status with respect to the OGC, or any kind of relationship with the OGC aside from membership in the consortium.

5. Do not use any OGC mark or logo in any fashion that may result in a likelihood of confusion between the Consortium's standards and services and your own products and services. Any such unauthorized use would infringe OGC's trademark rights.

6. Do not attempt to claim or assert any ownership rights in any OGC mark or logo by registering an OGC mark or logo as a trademark, service mark, trade name, domain name, or "doing business as" name ("d/b/a"), alone or in combination with your own trademarks or service marks (e.g. Vendor XYZ's OPENGIS software), nor may you use any OGC mark or logo in combination with your own trademarks or service marks or to describe your products in any trademark application.

7. When using an OGC Mark, please use the appropriate trademark symbol as indicated on the attached schedules on the most prominent (or if none is prominent, the first) appearance of each OGC Mark. OGC will update the schedule(s) and the appropriate trademark symbols from time to time.

8. To help distinguish OGC marks from mere words, they should be capitalized when in print. Acceptable alternatives include using bold or italic fonts, placing the trademark in quotation marks, capitalizing the first letter of the mark or using contrasting colors. These rules should be followed throughout the text of any document of mass communication, including printed or electronic documents and web pages.

9. OGC marks should be used only in their exact format. Do not make changes to a trademark or logo in use. You should avoid grafting together two trademarks, making one word two, varying spelling, adding words or letters to a trademark, abbreviating, using acronyms and making a trademark plural or possessive should be avoided. Don't alter the color, typography or proportions of OGC's design logos.

10. Whether printed or spoken, trademarks should be used to modify the common descriptive name for products or services (e.g., OGC standards, OGC membership services). Don't use any OGC mark as a noun or verb, except when referencing OGC as a consortium.

11. Unless required by the terms of a license you may hold from OGC to use more specific language, use the following statement on each document that refers to OGC specifications:

"Open Geospatial Consortium, the OGC logos, and the marks OGC, OPENGIS, OPEN GIS, OPENGIS.NET, OGCNETWORK, OGC Network, OpenLS, Open Location Services, OGCA, OpenGeospatial Consortium (Australia), Ltd , OGCE, Open Geospatial Consortium (Europe), Ltd, OWS, OGC Sensor Web Services, OGC Web Services, are registered trademarks or service marks or trademarks or service marks of Open Geospatial Consortium in the United States and in other countries."

12. Please do not refer to a product as being OGC-certified or OpenGIS-certified compliant, unless your company has successfully completed the Consortium's testing suites, and the Consortium has explicitly authorized your use of this term under a separate license agreement.

13. Any representations that products or services that implement features and operations of OGC Products must clearly indicate that the representations are made by you, the licensee, and not by the OGC. Any representations that products or services comply with features and operations of OGC Products must not be made unless you hold a Trademark License Agreement under the OGC Compliance Testing Program, in which case the terms of that agreement shall apply. You may use the OGC Marks identified in Schedule B to note that your products comply to various OGC standards or to describe non-OGC products that implement the required features and operations of OGC Products.

Products cannot be advertised as certified-compliant with the OGC standards except through a special license granted by OGC for products that successfully pass compliance testing. This license specifies ways in which a product can use the new OGC certification mark and be described as being "OGC Certified Compliant." The certification mark is accompanied by a special use of the OGC logo attached to a list of the particular OGC standards with which the product is compliant. Assuming that you hold this license, you may state, for example:

"This product is compliant with the OGC Web Feature Service (WFS) Interface Standard," or

"This product is compliant with the OGC Geography Markup Language (GML) Encoding Standard."

14. If a software product includes an interface (or if a data product is based on a schema) that implements a specific OGC standard, but the product has not passed a compliance test (perhaps because no test is yet available), please label the product as "implementing" a specific OGC standard. That is, do say, for example:

"This product implements the OGC Web Map Service Interface Standard, version 2.0."

"This product implements the OGC Geometry Markup Language (GML) Encoding Standard, version 3.1."

You also may say:

"This product will be submitted to OGC for compliance testing."

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please contact us.

OGC Marks

Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc.®
Open GIS Consortium, Inc.TM
Open Geospatial Consortium (Europe), Ltd.TM
Open GIS Consortium (Europe), Ltd.TM
Open Geospatial Consortium (Australia), Ltd.TM
OpenGIS Consortium (Australia), Ltd.TM
Open Location ServicesTM
OGC Web ServicesTM
OGC Sensor Web ServicesTM


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OGC Marks


The "OGC® Compliant" certification Mark is only to be used with products that have been tested and approved by the Open Geospatial Consortium as "Compliant" to one or more OGC standards. This certification mark may only be used in conjunction with the live logo associated with a compliant product.

Should you require a high resolution version logo for printing, please contact us, stating which logo you desire and for what purpose, using the contact us form.