OGC Logo, Icon, and Certification Mark Usage

Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Icons and marks have specific policies associated with their use. Please consult the information below for usage of OGC logos.


Member Logos

The following logos (provided in both 2D and 3D styles) may be used only by OGC members to indicate membership in the Open Geospatial Consortium. Members may use either the generic “member” logo, or the logo that matches their current membership level. Logos may be used in web site content, and other marketing and informational materials. Members are advised to comply with the terms and conditions as noted in the OGC Trademark and Servicemark License and OGC Press Guidance when using OGC logos. Members may access and acquire high resolution logos for reproduction via the OGC members only area of this website.



Certification Marks

OGC Certification Marks may only be used with products that have been approved as compliant with OGC® standards. Consult the Compliance Testing page on this site for more information on obtaining compliance certification. Products that have passed and have been approved by OGC as Compliant, may use the following certification mark, provided that all guidelines and conditions as listed in the Compliance Testing section of our web site have been followed.

OGC Certified Compliant Image

To aid the user in identifying which OGC standards are involved in the certification, vendors must accompany the certification mark with either the full specification name(s), or the appropriate live logo.

OGC will issue reproduction quality logos to those organizations certified compliant

Additional Information

Please consult the following OGC Press Guidance Letter for additional information on usage of OGC Trademarks, logos and certifications marks. This document is designed to supplement the information provided in this Terms and Conditions section.

This formulation of OGC's notice and license became active on June 14, 2001. Please see our Copyright FAQ for common questions about using materials from our site. Other questions about this notice can be directed to site-policy [at] opengeospatial.org