OGC Staff Page

The OGC is a virtual organisation. To ensure the best support for our global membership, our staff live and work in many different locations throughout the world.

OGC Business Development Team

Melisa Harder's picture
Melisa Harder
Colorado, USA

OGC Executive Team

Nadine Alameh's picture
Nadine Alameh, Ph.D
Washington D.C., USA
Bart De Lathouwer's picture
Bart De Lathouwer
Belgium, Europe
Scott Simmons's picture
Scott Simmons
Chief Standards Officer
Colorado, USA
Jeff Burnett's picture
Jeff Burnett
Chief Finance Officer
Massachusetts, USA
George Percivall's picture
George Percivall
Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Engineer
Maryland, USA

OGC Innovation Program Team

Ingo Simonis's picture
Ingo Simonis, Ph.D
Director, Innovation Program & Science
Germany, Europe
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Josh Lieberman, Ph.D
Director, Innovation Program
Massachusetts, USA
Marie-Francoise Voidrot's picture
Marie-Francoise Voidrot
Director, Innovation Program
France, Europe
Martin Klopfer's picture
Martin Klopfer
Project Manager
Germany, Europe
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Scott Serich, Ph.D
Director, Interoperability Programs
Virginia, USA

OGC Marketing and Promotions Team

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Jonathan Fath
Director, Marketing & Promotions
Washington D.C, USA
Simon Chester's picture
Simon Chester
Communication Manager
England, UK

OGC Membership Team

Trevor Taylor's picture
Trevor Taylor
Director, Member Services-Asia & the Americas
Ontario, Canada
Athina Trakas's picture
Athina Trakas
Director, Member Services, Europe, Central Asia & Africa
Germany, Europe
Judy Schumacher's picture
Judy Schumacher
Member Services Coordinator
Massachusett, USA

OGC Standards Team

Scott Simmons's picture
Scott Simmons
Chief Standards Officer
Colorado, USA
Greg Buehler's picture
Greg Buehler
Director, Infrastructure Support
Indiana, USA
Gobe Hobona's picture
Gobe Hobona, Ph.D
Director of Product Management, Standards
England, UK