OGC Global Advisory Council


The OGC Board of Directors created the Global Advisory Council ("the Council") as a committee of the board to function as a non-executive, "blue-ribbon" panel positioned to advise OGC concerning its global outreach and organizational strategies. The Council is chartered to become a significant, high-level and strategically motivated forum to represent OGC in global outreach activities and to act as a center for education and worldwide member recruitment. It is also intended to introduce diversity of ideas and a truly global perspective into the strategic thinking of OGC's board and membership, at the same time enabling the consortium to maintain a cohesive management core while affiliating many remarkable people with the OGC process who otherwise for political or financial reasons would find themselves disenfranchised from the consortium process.

Membership in the Council includes individuals representing diverse national groups and regions appointed by the OGC board, an elected representative of each OGC Member Forum, and interested members of the OGC Board of directors (serving or retired).

The Council is chaired by an OGC director appointed by the OGC board. The Chairman has overall responsibility for the conduct of Council business and acts as formal liaison between the board and Council on all matters concerning Council activity. 

A non-executive Co-Chairman (Co-Chair) of the Council is elected from the Council membership by majority vote. Supported by OGC staff, the Co-Chair provides leadership for planning Council activities, acts as Chair at all Council meetings and proceedings, and coordinates the development of the Council’s position papers and advisory reports.

Current members of the Global Advisory Council:

  • Sanjay Kumar - Chief Executive Officer at Geospatial Media and Communications  
  • Kumar Navulur - Senior Director of Global Strategic Programs at DigitalGlobe 
  • Mark Reichardt - Director, Strategic Opportunities at OGC  
  • François Robida - Deputy Director at BRGM - Infrastructures and Digital Services  
  • Scott Simmons - COO and Executive Director, Standards Program at OGC
  • Trevor Taylor - Director, Member Services-Asia & the Americas at OGC
  • Athina Trakas - Director Regional Services, Europe, Central Asia & Africa at OGC