OGC Distinguished Member Awards


Federal Aviation Administration
Washington, DC February 27, 2012 FAA Citation
PCI Geomatics Gatineau, Quebec February 27, 2012
PCI Geomatics Citation
Lockheed Martin
Redlands, California January 16, 2013 Lockheed Martin Award


"OGC Distinguished Member" is an official designation that recognizes the important contributions made by OGC members to advance the Consortium’s mission objectives. OGC Distinguished Member recognition is granted by approval of the OGC Board of Directors. The first Distinguished Member awards were granted in 2011. The first category of OGC Distinguished Member Award is the OGC Champion Award. The Board may create other categories of OGC Distinguished Member recognition in the future.

The OGC Champion Award is granted to an OGC member organization that has made a substantial, positive and sustained impact on one or more areas of OGC mission accomplishment through a high level of commitment beyond member requirements.