Locus Charter Applications for GeoEthics Webinar Hosted by OGC

Tuesday, 25 October 2022 11:30 EDT
Tuesday, 25 October 2022 12:30 EDT

OGC and the American Geographical Society seek your input and YOUR real-life examples for this special geoethics workshop on the applications of the Locus Charter. This special geoethics workshop will highlight the many applications of the Locus Charter using your real-life examples. We want to hear which principles you've applied to your research and what problems or solutions you've faced as a result! This will be a great opportunity to give feedback on what you think is working or not working with the Locus Charter. Our goal is to take this information and use it to adapt the language in the Charter to better conform to real-life practices. Register today.

Until then:

1) See why OCG supports the Locus Charter.

2) Prepare five-minute lightning talk-style presentations based on the Locus Charter Use Case template so we can move quickly through all your use cases!

3) Spread the word on the Locus Charter and help us gain more supporters along the way! 

4) Register to attend and participate in American Geographical Society's annual Symposium, Geography2050: The Future of Food, happening this November 17 and 18 at Columbia University in NYC.

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