OGC Innovation Days, Climate and Disasters Workshop

Tuesday, 6 December 2022 09:00 EST
Thursday, 8 December 2022 17:00 EST

Addressing Disasters Together

OGC is excited to invite you to a three-day event on the future of innovation for disaster and climate change engagement. This event brings together OGC members, stakeholders, and guests who are critical to disaster and climate focused policy formulation and technology advancement.

Join us to contribute to discussions on identifying gaps, understanding future requirements, and building capabilities to respond to climate challenges including natural hazards and disaster vulnerabilities.

The "Facing Disasters Together" event will comprise a two-day workshop, followed by a day of solutions presentations and a strategic planning session.

The initial two-day workshop will reflect on current geospatial technologies and practices for disaster management. It will particularly focus on the current capabilities and roles of local, regional, and national organizations, as well as their evolving needs and challenges. The objective of the workshop will be to identify requirements, priorities, and gaps for serving communities facing disaster and climate circumstances.

The third day will engage executive and director level decision makers and policy makers. It will go beyond disasters to include innovations and strategies that produce actionable solutions and lead to improved interoperability across stakeholders, science domains, industry, and government.

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