Geospatial Track at ApacheCon NA 2020

Tuesday, 29 September 2020 (All day)
Thursday, 1 October 2020 (All day)

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is pleased to announce the Geospatial Track for ApacheCon 2020. As with previous ApacheCons, OGC again initiated this track concerning geospatial data and processing. George Percivall, OGC and Jim Hughes, CCRI, organized and will moderate the track.  This year ApacheCon will be a virtual event over three days with the geospatial track on second two days. Geospatial developers are encouraged to register and attend.  Interested organizations are invited to sponsor the track.  

ApacheCon 2020 geospatial track presentations are listed briefly here and in-full online

Wednesday, 30 September - 16:15 to 20:15 UTC 

• Apache Geospatial: Open Source and Open Standards - George Percivall
• Visualize Apache SIS capabilities with raster data - Martin Desruisseaux
• pygeoapi: an OSGeo community project implementing OGC API standards - Tom Kralidis
• Enabling geospatial in big data lakes and databases with LocationTech GeoMesa - James Hughes
• Map Serving with Apache HTTPD Tile Server Ecosystem (AHTSE) - Lucian Plesea
• Lizmap to create Web Map Applications - René-Luc DHONT

Thursday, 1 October - 16:15 to 20:15 UTC

• Apache Spark Accelerated Deep Learning Inference for Large Scale Satellite Image Analytics - Dalton Lunga
• AutoRetrain: automated deep learning model training on imagery using Apache Airflow and Apache Nifi.-  Carlos Caceres 
• GeoSpark: Manage Big Geospatial Data in Apache Spark - Jia Yu, Mohamed Sarwat
• Rethinking Earth Observation using Deep Learning - Sayantan Das
• Bring Satellite and Drone Imagery into your Data Science Workflows -  Jason Brown
• Massively Scalable Real-time Geospatial Anomaly Detection with Apache Kafka and Cassandra - Paul Brebner


Discussions about this track are invited on   geospatial [at]