GeoBuiz Annual Summit (San Francisco, USA)

Monday, 14 January 2019 04:00 EST
Tuesday, 15 January 2019 12:00 EST


Annual GeoBuiz Summit – a B2B Leadership Conference by Geospatial Media and Communications is a platform where business leaders and senior officials get together to delve on emerging trends, dimensions and directions of the Geospatial industry.  Last Summit saw the release of Global Geospatial Industry Outlook and Countries Geospatial Readiness Report 2018, pegging the global Geospatial Market to be around 300 Billion US$ globally, estimated to grow around 15% CAGR as well as presenting a comparative assessment of 50 nations on Geospatial Readiness Index.


Next GeoBuiz Summit is scheduled to be on 14-15 January 2019 at Hotel InterContinental, San Francisco. This will be attended by over 200 C suite executives and senior management professionals from geospatial industry, IT technology companies, AEC industry, Engineering and Automation Enterprises, national geospatial agencies and multi-stakeholder organsiations. The event is designed around the main themes and focus areas of the GeoBuiz 2019 Report, consisting of panel discussions on key topics including:


  • Space Industry Innovations and Business Directions
  • Location Empowering Business Intelligence
  • Geospatial Policies, Innovations and Commercialization
  • Disruptive Technologies: Extending Market Value Chain for Geospatial Industry
  • Geospatial Embedded Industry Solutions and Workflow Management
  • Investors Perspectives and Engagement with Geospatial Industry
  • Geospatial Knowledge: Adding Spatial Dimension to SDGs
  • Marketing Geospatial Industry: Opportunities and Challenges


The standards community, which is represented by professionals like you, would be in the best position to understand the need and emerging opportunities to facilitate standards for seamless interoperability.


We are pleased to have OGC as a Strategic Partner of GeoBuiz Summit and Mark Reichardt as moderator for the panel on Geospatial Policies, Innovations And Commercialization.


Early bird registrations for GeoBuiz Summit are available till 1st November. Register yourself now at