BIM Worldwide: bSI ISO TC59 and OGC Industry Day Parallel Session

Thursday, 30 October 2014 08:00 EDT
Thursday, 30 October 2014 20:00 EDT

Join ISO, bSC and OGC for a parallel Industry day session during the BIM Worldwide conference in Toronto.

Growing urban areas present many challenges that are closely linked to how the built environment is realised and managed. Industry, governments, the academic sector and the broader public are all looking to spatial information, at all scales, as an important tool in addressing these challenges. Learn about the value of open standards for providing input for decision makers, and the impact shared information has on the landscape of collaboration between the Urban Planning, Civil Engineering and AEC communities.

The session will include presentations from the three organisation intended to illustrate how collaboration is occurring on a practical basis.

If you wish to register for only the joint session, please contact Trevor Taylor on OGC staff directly (ttaylor [at]