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Wednesday 11th April 2018 at 0845 ACDT as part of the Locate18 & GeoSmartAsia Conference 

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Abhayaratna, Jo (PSMA Australia)
Cochrane, Byron (Land Information New Zealand)
Smith, Margie (Geoscience Australia)


The OGC Australia New Zealand Forum is an informal organization of the OGC members in Australia and New Zealand and to those interested in learning more and engaging with the open geospatial standards process.
It is open to all OGC members and non-members located wholly or partly in Australia or New Zealand. 

The Forum's aims are:

  • to increase the profile and awareness of geospatial interoperability standards in Australia and New Zealand, with national, state, and local government as well as commercial and industry organizations
  • to provide a forum for the collaboration of developers and users of spatial data products and services
  • to assist in the definition of a set of standards to meet the requirements of Australia and New Zealand
  • to assist organizations to understand the tangible benefits of implementing geospatial interoperability standards, to identify the relevant standards, and to plan for success in realizing these benefits through use of compliant products.
  • to strive to work with other relevant industry and government bodies, and standards development organisations, to achieve the OGC vision.

Furthermore, the following principles are followed:

  • Promotion and adoption of existing OGC standards in the form of a simple "working set" appropriate to markets in Australia and New Zealand, and working with the OGC Architecture Board (OAB) to support this process.
  • Creation of a message suitable for the general market in Australia and New Zealand, tailored for regional use cases that address the question: "Why do I want to use compliant products?" The Forum also address the related issue of what resources and materials are needed to educate the market and teach people how to define their requirements.
  • Development of supportive and synergistic working relationships with peak bodies so as to complement their programs and achieve authentic mutual benefit.

To learn more about the forum please contact Denise McKenzie from OGC via dmckenzie [at], or one of the Co-chairs.


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