Open GeoSMS Serves Disaster Management

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Kuo-Yu slayer Chuang

In last week's OGC TC meeting in Brussels, I gave a talk in the Mass Market Domain Working Group which mentioned funding that our project received from the Taiwan government, collaborations with Ushahidi and Sahana, and the Samoa Cyclone Simulation. Here is the presentation (19.6MB).

Ushahidi means ”testimony” in Swahili. Ushahidi is a website that was developed to map reports of violence in Kenya in 2008. (See the New York Times writeup. The Ushahidi Engine is a platform that allows people to set up their own way to gather reports by mobile phone, email and the web – and then map them.

ITRI has shipped five smart phones with an Open GeoSMS enabled Ushahidi app installed to Samoa for the Cyclone Simulation activity. Also for this simulation, PinPointAlerts provided Open GeoSMS as a notification option on Further information and the latest news about Cyclone Simulation can be found on Facebook at "Cyclone Sim Samoa". 

The Sahana Software Foundation is another organization providing open source solutions for disaster response. Sahana Eden is officially using Open GeoSMS and has adopted ITRI's contributed Android application as an official app. This open source app supports Incident Reporting, Task Dispatch & peer to peer Team Communications. In Austin, TX, last weekend, the Random Hacks of Kindness community presented an award to the Sahana/CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams) group for this app, which has new feature that implements Open GeoSMS.
For the latest news of Open GeoSMS, you may take a look at our Open GeoSMS Facebook page or follow the twitter handle @darkensiva.