Weather and Oceans APIs Hack


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** Please note that registration will close for this event on November 26th, 2018

Wednesday, 5 December 2018 04:00 EST
Friday, 7 December 2018 12:00 EST
Event Description: 

You are invited to a Weather and Oceans APIs Hack!

Meteorology, Weather and Oceans data is vital to understanding our planet and the OGC's MetOcean community is committed to making data available for the benefit of all. In order to achieve this, the MetOcean Domain working Group (DWG) is working on REST based APIs and a profile of WCS2.1 (MetOcean profile) to make life as easy as possible for our current and prospective customers. An initial design and prototype of the REST based API and WCS2.1 are nearly completed.

The time has now come to involve partners from industry and help with the evaluation of the design and implementation of these two APIs.

To this end a workshop has been organized and open to all those who would like to develop client applications against the MetOcean APIs and assess the effectiveness and of these APIs.  The workshop will take the form of a hackathon and initial findings will be presented at the OGC Technical Committee (TC) meeting held the following week in Charlotte North Carolina.

You are invited to join teams of coders, engineers, etc. to spend time together. A number of experts will be on hand to help and ESRI have kindly provided a venue.

For further details and queries please contact Peter Trevelyan at peter.trevelyan [at] or Steve Olson at steve.olson [at]


ESRI facilities located at:
8615 Westwood Center Drive
Tysons, Virginia 22182

Local Information and Travel: 

The Washington DC Metro Silver line Spring Hill Station is one block over, so easy access if coming in on the Metro.

Closest Airport is Dulles International (IAD), easy rental car access, about a $35 cab ride. Or you can do the Metro Silver line to the Spring Hill Station, but you’ll need to take a Metro connector bus from IAD to Reston (the last stretch of the Silver line is still under construction) – the connector bus is $5, and the metro fare is probably $3-5 depending on the time of day.


Whilst there a number of hotels in the area the recommended hotel is the Residence Inn on Tysons Corner.

Schedule of Meetings: 

Proposed Schedule and topics for the workshop

Wed Dec 5th 

8am - 12 noon → Setup of prototypes and material for presentation
12 noon - 1pm → Lunch break
1pm - 6 pm → APIs in MetOcean Community

Orientation/Context (Set of presentations)

    Live Demonstration of WOTW
    Evaluation and feedback on the WOTW API
    How easy is to create a client software using this API
    What “Use Cases” are not included?
    A brief presentation to outline the scope and purpose of the WOTW API
    Where does the WOTW API fit in with WFS3.0
    Hackathon on WOTW
  • WCS 2.1/CIS1.1 with MetOcean Profile
    Live Demonstration of IBL implementation of WCS2.1/CIS 1.1
    A brief overview of the design and purpose of WCS2.1 metOcean profile.
    A live demonstration using the IBL implementation
    How easy is to create a client software using this API
    Broader discussion on mind set for moving to multi-dimensionality (4D WCS space). Has anyone has implemented this outside of IBL? How do we alleviate concerns with implementation? Should we create a “recipe” for implementation? Should we put out cloud instance as prototype design for folks to follow?

Thurs Dec 6th 

8am - noon → Hackathon sessions on WOTW API and WCS2.1/CIS1.1 Build teams and set goals
12 noon - 1pm → Lunch break
1pm - 5pm → Continued Hackathon sessions
5pm - 6pm → Report out on hackathon findings

Fri Dec 7th 

8 - 12 noon → Continued Hackathon sessions and final report outs
12 noon - 1pm → Lunch break
1pm - 4pm → General discussion on two topics:

Discussion on the applicability of each API to various uses e.g. interoperability with other WCS servers
The OGC appetite for this approach?