Room Block FAQ

Q. Why should I book at one of OGC's host hotels when I can find a lower rate on my own?

A. Negotiated hotel rates incorporate many benefits for you and OGC. In order to secure meeting room space at a hotel or convention center, OGC must sign a contract with the host hotel or city that guarantees that a specified number of hotel rooms will be booked by our attendees. The number of rooms guaranteed is called the room block. As the number of rooms in the room block increases, costs to OGC decrease, which we are able to pass along to our conference attendees in the form of lower or waived registration prices.

If attendees stay in the host hotels, OGC will fulfill its contractual obligation with the hotels. If attendees stay in other hotels, OGC faces the possibility that its room block will not be met, forcing it to pay severe penalties, which can run into tens of thousands of dollars. We ask that you please consider staying at one of OGC's five host hotels.

Q. What other benefits are there to reserving a room at OGC's host hotels?

A. When you factor in cab fares, car rental, and the time associated with travel to alternate hotels, you may not benefit as much financially as you had planned. By staying at one of the host hotels, you gain the opportunity to further network with your industry peers and remain in the center of the activity surrounding the conference.

Q. Why does the OGC Housing Bureau assess a cancellation fee after the cut-off date (Approximately Three Weeks Prior to each Meeting)?

A. Over the past several years, it has become increasingly difficult to manage hotel room blocks for OGC's TC/PC Meetings.

When OGC room blocks fill up prematurely with reservations that are cancelled before the conference, other attendees cannot get a hotel room at the host hotels. If the hotels cannot re-book the room with another conference attendee or individual guest, they charge attrition fees to OGC.

The fee was established to give meeting attendees an incentive to cancel unneeded rooms in a more timely fashion, giving more opportunities for the rooms to be resold.

Q. If I change the number of room nights reserved after the cut-off date will it affect OGC's room block?

A. The second type of attrition possibility results from individuals who book a room for the entire period, then leave early or push back their arrival date. Although an attendee has, in fact, used his reservation, he has reduced the number of room nights that OGC will be picking up in the block. By planning well and reserving the correct number of nights, the hotel has a greater opportunity to resell those rooms so that OGC will not be liable for them. Reserve only the number of rooms you need for the time you expect to stay.

Q. Whom can I contact if I still have questions?

A. For other questions, contact the OGC staff at +1 812 334 0601    Fax: +1 812 961 2053     E-mail: info [at]