OGC - ESA Virtual Workshop on Data Access and Processing Platforms


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Monday, 27 July 2020 00:00 EDT
Friday, 31 July 2020 00:00 EDT
Event Description: 

OGC is conducting a virtual workshop over 5 days in July 2020 to provide an opportunity for hands-on evaluation of technologies and draft specifications that facilitate ad hoc processing and analysis of large-scale observational datasets on cloud computing platforms “close to the data”. The workshop will be a collaborative effort between OGC members participating in the EOS thread of Testbed-16 and those engaged in the EOApps Pilot activity. 

EOC Thread participants and other expert workshop attendees will be evaluating the new draft Data Access and Processing API (DAPA API) intended to provide simple access to processed samples of large datasets for subsequent analysis within interactive Jupyter Notebook (JPYNB) environments. They will also examine procedures and tools for moving a local DAPA - JPYNB environment to the cloud as a Docker-based application package (AP) for sharing and close-to-data execution in complete and reproducible form. 

EOApps Pilot participants will then demonstrate and evaluate the maturity of several Earth Observation Applications-to-the-Data specifications such as ADES (Application Deployment and Execution Service) developed over the last two years as part of various OGC Innovation Program (IP) initiatives. ADES-enabled exploitation platforms are designed to convert and deploy an application package such as produced by the Testbed-16 tools for batch execution and further orchestration as an independently invocable processing service.

Workshop Agenda:

The workshop will take place July 27-31 between 9am and noon EDT (3-6pm CEST) each day, making use of web conferencing tools such as GoToMeeting to bring together attendees located on multiple continents.



Day 1

Introduction to the DAPA API and tutorials on  interactive development of analytical workflows in Jupyter Notebooks.

Day 2

Hands-on evaluation of DAPA services and Notebook-based workflows by remote sensing and observational data experts

Day 3

Presentation and discussion of EO exploitation platforms, application package tools, and ADES services implemented in both the EOApps Pilot and Testbed-16.

Day 4

Evaluation and discussion of DAPA API as a standalone service, as JPYNB component, and as an AP component (2 hours). Wrap-up discussion of  EO Apps PIlot outcomes (1 hour).

Day 5

Further discussion of  EO Apps PIlot outcomes as needed.

For more information, please contact jlieberman [at] ogc.org (Josh Lieberman) or isimonis [at] ogc.org (Ingo Simonis) of the OGC Innovation Program