December '14 Technical and Planning Committee - Tokyo, Japan

Monday, 1 December, 2014 - 00:00
Friday, 5 December, 2014 - 00:00

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Akihabara Convention Hall
Conference Floor (5F),
Akihabara Daibiru Building,
1-18-13 Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo, Japan 101-0021

Schedule of Meetings: 

The tentative agenda is now posted. Please check back often as updates will be made frequently.

The OGC 20th Anniversary Gala Dinner will be held on 3 December at the HAPPO-EN. There will be charter bus service between the meeting facilities and the Dinner.

During the term of Tokyo TC on December 2014, the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC(R)) will conduct an experimental demonstration for OGC(R) Moving Features Candidate Standard.

The demonstration consists of two experiments. One experiment is an indoor-location experiment, and the other is an outdoor-location experiment.

For the indoor-location experiment, Business Microscope(R)* system is used to measure people's activities.
Tokyo TC attendees who have agreed their participation to the experiment will wear a tag with infrared transceivers and accelerometers.  Beacons are set up in meeting rooms in order to record attendees' indoor locations by communicating with tags.
The histories of locations will be converted to OGC(R) Moving Features encoding.

For the outdoor-location experiment, a smart card which is available for purchase public-transportation (trains, subways and buses) fare will be distributed to attendees of Tokyo TC.  The fare payment is immediately finished by touching the card to a card reader.  The history of the fare payments at stations are recorded in the card.

If attendees agree upon their experiment participation, station names that they got on and off will be converted to coordinate data and the movement trajectory is visualized as a real-time movie after spatial interpolation along with a railway network.
Participants will have their communication network displayed on a large monitor set at the meeting place.

 * Business Microscope(R) is a registered trademark of Hitachi Ltd.

Tokyo is a basically safe and convenient city so that you can stay anywhere you like in Tokyo. The venue (Akihabara Daibiru bldg.) is just in front of the Akihabara JR station that provides easy access to major areas in Tokyo.  Most hotels can be booked with popular internet booking sites(expedia,,, agoda etc.) . By staying out of Akihabara area, you can enjoy many exciting aspects of Tokyo including  "rush-hours" experience, especially in the morning. 

For those who want to stay in Akihabara area, following hotels are within "short" walking distance from the venue.

  1.  Hotel Remm Akihabara (3min wailk from the venue)
  2.  Washington Hotel Akihabara (3min)
  3.  Hotel Via Inn Akihabara (5min)(Japanese page only, Please book with some booking site)
  4.   Hotel MyStays Ochanomizu (6min)
  5.   Ochanomizu Hotel Juraku (6min)
  6.  APA Hotel Akihabara Ekimae (6min)
  7.   Hotel Dormy Inn Akihabara (6min)


Note: These URLs are official  and please compare with the price provided by major internet booking sites.

Local Information and Travel: 

Trains to Akihabara Station:

Trains to Akihabara


From Akibabara Station to the Akibabara Convention Center, Akihabara Daibiru Building, Conference Floor (5F):

Convention Center


Popular Skiing in Japan (Hokkaido) 

Hokkaido, which is the northern area in Japan, is very popular for quality of snow as a place to go for skiing. Many flights from Tokyo (Haneda Airport) to Hokkaido (New Chitose Airport or Asahikawa Airport) are available for the ski travel. If you will travel for skiing, making reservation of flights earlier is recommended.

Popular places are listed:

Niseko (
Niseko is located on south-west region of Hokkaido.Direct buses from New Chitose Airport to Niseko are provided. Most information are available in English because many tourists from abroad visit in winter. .

Rusutsu Resort( )
Rusutsu is largest ski-resort in Hokkaido.It takes 2 hours from New Chitose Airport by bus.

Furano (
Furano is in the north area of Hokkaido.Furano is very cold area, so, quality of snow is higher. It takes one hour by bus from Asahikawa Airport.