June '14 Technical Committee - WMO - Geneva, Switzerland


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NOTICE: All rooms are subject to change. OGC staff reserve the right to adjust meetings as necessary.
All times are local Geneva (CEST)
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Tuesday, 10 June
  Salle A  Salle B Salle C 3&4 Salle C 1
0730-1800 Registration
0800-0855    Simple Features SWG - ISO 19107 Spatial schema  
   OpenMI AGM   
0900-0955  Temporal DWG  Forum Chair Session
1000-1055  New Member and Guest Orientation Styled Layer Descriptor / Symbology Encoding (SLD/SE) SWG 
1200-1300 Lunch (on your own)
Salle A
1300-1400 TC Opening Plenary
  • Welcome - Jeremiah Lengoasa, Deputy Secretary-General, WMO
  • Short SWG Reports
    • Geospatial User Feedback SWG Overview. Joan Maso
  • 1400-1455 OGC Interoperability Program: past, present and future
      Salle A Salle B Salle C 3&4 Salle C 1
    1500-1555  Europe Forum
     OGC-Naming Authority (OGC-NA)  Emergency and Disaster Management (EDM) DWG  PubSub SWG
    1600-1655  Health DWG  Geospatial User Feedback SWG Ad Hoc
    1700-1755 PipelineML SWG   DocTeam
     Energy & Utilities (E&U) DWG
    Wednesday, 11 June
      Salle C-2
    Salle B Salle A Salle 7J Salle C-1 Salle 7L
    0730-1800 Registration
    0800-0855  AIP-7 Water Team   CityGML QIE (Quality Interoperability Experiment)  Business Intelligence and Decision Support (BIDS) DWG Urban Planning DWG Charter Meeting 
     OAB (Closed)
    0900-0955  Law Enforcement and Public Safety (LEAPS) DWG
     SensorThings SWG
    1000-1055  University DWG   CityGML SWG   Workflow DWG  Moving Features SWG
    1100-1155  POI SWG
    1200-1300 Lunch (on your own)
    1300-1355  Joint Advisory Group (JAG)   CityGML SWG (cont)   LandInfra SWG   Web Processing Service (WPS) 2.0 SWG   Hydrology DWG  GeoAPI SWG
    1400-1455  Web Coverage Service (WCS) SWG
    1500-1555  CITE SC   3D Portrayal SWG   LandInfra DWG  Security DWG
    1600-1655  Agriculture Ad Hoc  netCDF SWG  Web Feature Service / Filter Encoding Service (WFS/FES) SWG
    1700-1755  OWS Context SWG  Joint IndoorGML-CityGML  SWGs PipelineML SWG 
    1830-2100 Reception, hosted by LocationTech, open to all 
    @ WMO [ https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/locationtech-meetup-geneva-tickets-11782956139 ] 
    Thursday, 12 June
      Salle A Salle B Salle C-2 VIP Salle C-1 Salle J8
    0730-1800 Registration
    0800-0855      GMLJP2 SWG      OGC BOD   
    0900-0955  Met Summit
    (Registration Required)
     3D Summit
    (Registration Required
     OGC Testbed 11 Sponsor meeting
    1000-1055  WMS SWG Coverages DWG
     Business Value Committee
    1100-1155  WMS SWG (open)
    1200-1300 Lunch (on your own)
    1300-1355  Met Summit
     3D Summit      IndoorGML SWG Data Quality (DQ) DWG Defense & Intelligence
    (D & I) DWG
     OGC BOD    
    1400-1455  MetOcean DWG
    1500-1555  KML SWG  Geosemantics DWG Table Joining Service (TJS) Ad-Hoc
    1600-1655  Earth Observation (EO) Product Metadata and OpenSearch SWG
    1800-2300  OGC 20th Anniversary Gala Dinner
    Hotel President Wilson
    Ticket Required - Seating will be assigned and is limited
    Friday, 13 June
      Salle A Salle B Salle C-1 Salle C-2 Salle 5J Salle 6J
    0730-1800 Registration
    0800-0855  BigData DWG  3DIM DWG  Metadata DWG       
    0900-0955  Mobile Location Services DWG   UNGGIM  Aviation DWG  
    1000-1055  Catalog DWG
    Salle A
    1100-1155  OAB Open Session (Salle Obasi) 
    1200-1300 Lunch (on your own)
    Salle A
    1300-1755 TC Closing Plenary
  • Keynote:
  • Keynote:
  • Keynote:
  • DWG & SWG Reports
    • Votes and Motions
    Saturday, 14 June
      Salle C 1
    0800-0900 Registration
    0800-1300 Planning Committee Plenary (PC Members Only) - Ending time scheduled to change


    NOTE 1: WG and DWG are Domain Working Groups, SWG are Standards Working Group and are only open to members of that group. To attend a SWG (highlighted in Yellow ), you must be an OGC Member in good standing, complete the observer agreement, and agree to the groups IPR rules.
    NOTE 2: The OAB meets in a Closed Session and an Open Session. Only Official OAB Members may attend the Closed session. All members are encourged to attend the open session.
    NOTE 3: These meetings are "Public" and open to the OGC Members and Non-Members. Registration may be required.
    NOTE 4: These meetings are "NOT OGC Committees" and NOT open to OGC Members. Registration may be required.
    NOTE 5: These meetings are "Closed OGC Committees" and NOT open to OGC Members.
    ** - This Workroom may be open for work, unless it has been reserved by OGC Staff.



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