June 2011 OGC Technical and Planning Committee Agenda

NOTICE: All chairs should make your meeting requests as soon as possible to allow attendees to help plan their schedules.

Sunday, 12 June
Feng Chia University,
Central Taiwan Science Park Campus
227, Sec. 2, Dongda Rd.,
Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C (map)
0830-1800 Registration
A401 A202 A203
0900-0955 New Member Orientation    
1100-1155 WG Chair Orientation / Q&A     
1200-1300 Lunch (Provided by FCU)
1300-1355 TC Opening Plenary
  • "Welcome by GIS.FCU: Things to know about during OGC week at Taiwan" - Tien-Yin (Jimmy) Chou, Feng Chia University
  • "Development for Mobile - observations from the OGC Mobile Internet initiative" - George Percivall
  • Formosa II and V satellites operation, Guey-Shin Chang, Director General of the National Space Organization (NSPO)
  • Geoservices Rest API candidate standard submission - overview. Keith Ryden and Satish Sankaran, ESRI.
  • Short SWG Reports
  • 1400-1455
    1500-1555 Decision Support DWG  GeoAPI SWG  Coverages DWG 
    1600-1655 OAB (Closed) 
    Monday, 13 June
    National Center for High-Performance Computing (NCHC),
    Emerging System Business Unit
    22, Keyuan Rd., Central Taiwan Science Park,
    Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C. (map)
    1-11 (3D Auditorium) 1-17 (Classroom 1) 2-08 (Briefing Room)
    0830-1800 Registration
    0900-0955   EDM DWG   
    1000-1055 3DIM DWG  WPS 2.0 SWG 
    1100-1155 Geosemantics DWG 
    1200-1230 Lunch (Provided by NCHC)
  • Welcome remarks by Dr. Kuo-Ning Chiang, Director of NCHC
  • 3D view at 3D Auditorium
  • 1300-1355 SWE DWG    WCS SWG 
    1500-1555   Workflow DWG 
    1600-1655 Geoservices REST API Ad Hoc  Open GeoSMS SWG 
    1830-2100 Welcome Banquet (Provided by NCHC) 
    Tuesday, 14 June
    Field Trip to Central Taiwan (Nantou County) - Joining Details (PDF).
    Wednesday, 15 June
    Feng Chia University,
    Central Taiwan Science Park Campus
    227, Sec. 2, Dongda Rd.,
    Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C (map)
    A202 A203 A205
    0830-1800 Registration
    0900-0955   CITE SC   
    1000-1055   D&I DWG 
    1100-1155 CF-netCDF SWG  OWS Common SWG   
    1200-1300 Lunch (Provided by FCU)
    1300-1355 Joint Met Ocean DWG & Hydrology DWG  Aviation DWG   
    1500-1555 MM DWG    ESS DWG 
    1600-1655 Joint MM DWG - Augmented Reality Session   
    1700-1755 OAB (Open Session) Not Available
    Thursday, 16 June
    Feng Chia University,
    Central Taiwan Science Park Campus
    227, Sec. 2, Dongda Rd.,
    Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C (map)
    A202 A203 A205
    0830-1800 Registration
    0900-0955 University DWG  Metadata DWG   
    1000-1055 Business Value Committee  SensorML SWG 
    1200-1300 Lunch (Provided by FCU) OGC Asia Forum ad Hoc (Room A207)
    1300-1700 TC Closing Plenary
  • "Intergraph and OGC", Stan Tillman, Intergraph
  • "An outlook for Geospatial Intelligence", Bing-Jean Lee, Vice President, Feng Chia University
  • Proposed 2013 OGC meeting in China. Hong Fang, WuHan University
  • Votes and Motions
  • Working Group Reports
  • 1700-1800 Planning Committee Plenary (PC Members Only)
    Friday, 17 June
    NTUH International Convention Center
    2, Xuzhou Road, Zhongzheng District 101,
    Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. (map)
    Room 402 Room 403
    0830-0900 Registration
    0900-1700 Interoperability Day

    Planning Committee Plenary (PC Members Only)
    NOTE 1: WG and DWG are Domain Working Groups, SWG are Standards Working Group and are only open to members of that group. To attend a SWG (highlighted in Yellow ), you must be an OGC Member in good standing, complete the observer agreement, and agree to the groups IPR rules.
    NOTE 2: The OAB meets in a Closed Session and an Open Session. Only Official OAB Members may attend the Closed session. All members are encourged to attend the open session.
    ** - This Workroom may be open for work, unless it has been reserved by OGC Staff.


    3DIM - 3D Information Models
    CIMxebRIM - Cataloguing of ISO Metadata Extension package of ebRIM profile
    CITE - Compliance, Interoperability and Testing Evaluation
    CRS - Coordinate Reference System
    CSW - Catalogue Services for the Web
    DI - Defense & Intelligence
    DS - Decision Support
    ebRIM - e-business Registry Information Model
    ebXML - e-business XML
    EOxebRIM - Earth Observation Extension package of ebRIM profile
    ESS - Earth Systems Sciences
    GeoRM - Geospatial Rights Management
    GML - Geography Markup Language
    IGS-IGM - Image Georeferencing Service - Image Georeferencing Metadata
    JAG - OGC/ISO TC211 Joint Advisory Group
    MMDWG - Mass Market Domain Working Group
    O&M - Observations and Measurements Information Model
    OAB - OGC Architecture Review Board
    OGC-NA - OGC Naming Authority
    OGF - Open Grid Forum
    SOS - Sensor Observation Services
    SPS - Sensor Planning Service
    SWE - Sensor Web Enablement
    Univ - University
    WCS - Web Coverage Services
    WFS - Web Feature Services
    WFSgaz - Web Feature Services for Gazetteer Profile
    WMS - Web Mapping Services