Domain Modelling and Implementation Masterclass

Friday, 3 December 2010 00:00 EST
Friday, 3 December 2010 00:00 EST

Sydney, Australia

Schedule of Meetings: 


in conjunction with the OGC Technical Committee meeting


The OGC SDI service architecture relies on communities agreeing to use common data exchange formats and content (standards). The design and deployment of these pose challenges relating to both technical and social issues. Through a number of projects across multiple application domains (including geology, water resources, climate, biodiversity, hazards) the team at CSIRO has developed a body of experience and a suite of technology to assist in addressing these challenges.

This workshop will cover the techniques and tools for establishing an effective development process for a community application schema and the realization of that schema in deployed services. Special attention will be paid to the ongoing management and evolution of the interrelated components required to implement an application.

The workshop will demonstrate use of:

  • The HollowWorld modelling environment for Application Schemas

  • The FullMoon tool for generating an XML implementation and documentation of the model

  • The SolidGround model management tools

  • Vocabulary services

  • Validation services

  • Web Feature Service

  • Model and vocabulary registration

The presentations will be based around real-world examples of schema development from the environmental sector.


The Masterclass should be attended by anyone interested in design or deployment of OGC-conformant data services, particularly those associated with an existing domain community.


[Tentative List of Presenters include: Rob Atkinson, Ben Caradoc-Davies, Simon Cox, Guillaume Duclaux, and others]