March '10 OGC Technical and Planning Committee Meeting Agenda

NOTICE: All chairs should make your meeting requests as soon as possible to allow attendees to help plan their schedules.


Monday, 8 March  
0830-1800 Registration  
  Magellan   Cook   Room D   Room E  
0845-0940     GML SWG  ISO 19115 Metadata 
0945-1040  New Member Orientation  
1145-1240 Lunch (on your own)  
1245-1340   Decision Support DWG
OWS-7 update 
GML SWG  ISO 19115 Metadata 
1445-1600 TC Opening Plenary
  • Welcome by ESA/ESRIN
  • Nation wide strategy of pre-warning systems for disaster management at Taiwan: Prof. Bing-Jean Lee, the VP of FCU
  • Web Coverage Service 2.0 RFC Submission - Technical Report: Peter Baumann and Steven Keens
  • Overview of the HMA project.
  • Short SWG Reports (time dependent)
    1605-1700 Joint Met/Oceans and Hydro DWGs  SensorML SWG  Simple Features Ad Hoc  ISO 19115 Metadata 
    1705-1800 GeoXACML SWG 
    1800-1900 Welcome Reception 
    Tuesday, 9 March  
      Magellan   Cook   Room D   Room E  
    0830-1800 Registration  
    0845-0940 SWE DWG  CS-W ebrim adhoc  Europe Forum
    (Will begin at 09:15) 
    Metadata DWG 
    0945-1040 Workflow DWG 
    1145-1240 Security DWG  WMS SWG  Ordering Service For Earth Observation SWG 
    1245-1340 CF-netCDF SWG  ebXML RegRep SWG 
    1345-1445 Lunch (on your own)  
    1445-1540 3DIM    Coverages DWG  GeoRM DWG 
    1545-1640 Geosemantics DWG 
    1645-1740 OWS-7 WPS-FSA  SOS SWG  WCS SWG 
    1745-1830 OAB (Closed session) 
    Wednesday, 10 March  
      Magellan   Cook   Room D   Room E  
    0830-1800 Registration  
    0845-0940 CSW AP ISO 2.0 SWG  GeoAPI 3.0 SWG  GeoSMS ad hoc  SLDSE SWG 
    0945-1040 CityGML SWG  GeoRM SWG 
    1045-1140 Meteorology and Oceans DWG   
    1145-1240 SPS SWG  Aviation Ad Hoc 
    1245-1340 Catalogue 3.0 SWG 
    1345-1445 Lunch (on your own)  
    1445-1540 Catalogue DWG  O & M SWG  WPS 2.0.0 SWG (Start early @ 14:30)  OLS 1.4 SWG 
    1545-1640 Architecture DWG 
    1645-1830 OAB (Open session)  Not Available 
    1830-2100   Reception - Cacciani Ristorante 
    Thursday, 11 March  
      Magellan   Cook   Room D   Room E  
    0830-1200 Registration  
    0845-0940 AIP-3 Plenary  University DWG    OGC-NA & DocTeam 
    1045-1140 Mass Market Geo DWG   
    1145-1240 Joint GML/WCS/SWE-Common SWGs  Joint Advisory Group OGC/TC211 
      Magellan   Cook   Room D   Room E  
    1245-1340 TC Closing Plenary
  • Update on June NOAA Meeting, Martin Yapur, US NOAA
  • OWS-7 Update
  • AIP-3  AIP-3  AIP-3 
    1345-1445 Lunch (on your own)  
      Magellan   Cook   Room D   Room E  
    1445-1730 TC Closing Plenary (Continued)
  • Votes and Motions
  • Working Group Reports
    AIP-3  AIP-3  AIP-3 
    1730-1830 Planning Committee Plenary (PC Members Only)  
    Friday, 12 March  
      Magellan   Cook   Room D   Room E  
    0830-0900 Registration  
    0900-1700 AIP-3 
    Planning Committee Plenary (PC Members Only)
    AIP-3  AIP-3 
    NOTE 1: WG and DWG are Domain Working Groups, SWG are Standards Working Group and are only open to members of that group. To attend a SWG (highlighted in Yellow ), you must be an OGC Member in good standing, complete the observer agreement, and agree to the groups IPR rules.
    NOTE 2: The OAB meets in a Closed Session and an Open Session. Only Official OAB Members may attend the Closed session. All members are encourged to attend the open session.
    ** - This Workroom may be open for work, unless it has been reserved by OGC Staff.

    Special GEOSS AIP-3 Session




    3DIM - 3D Information Models
    CIMxebRIM - Cataloguing of ISO Metadata Extension package of ebRIM profile
    CITE - Compliance, Interoperability and Testing Evaluation
    CRS - Coordinate Reference System
    CSW - Catalogue Services for the Web
    DI - Defense & Intelligence
    DS - Decision Support
    ebRIM - e-business Registry Information Model
    ebXML - e-business XML
    EOxebRIM - Earth Observation Extension package of ebRIM profile
    ESS - Earth Systems Sciences
    GeoRM - Geospatial Rights Management
    GML - Geography Markup Language
    IGS-IGM - Image Georeferencing Service - Image Georeferencing Metadata
    JAG - OGC/ISO TC211 Joint Advisory Group
    O&M - Observations and Measurements Information Model
    OAB - OGC Architecture Review Board
    OGC-NA - OGC Naming Authority
    OGF - Open Grid Forum
    SOS - Sensor Observation Services
    SPS - Sensor Planning Service
    SWE - Sensor Web Enablement
    Univ - University
    WCS - Web Coverage Services
    WFS - Web Feature Services
    WFSgaz - Web Feature Services for Gazetteer Profile
    WMS - Web Mapping Services