OGC Geospatial Rights Management Summit


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Monday, 22 June 2009 00:00 EDT
Monday, 22 June 2009 00:00 EDT

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307

The meeting will be held at the Stata Center (Building 32).


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Schedule of Meetings: 

Please find below the TENTATIVE agenda for this summit.Purpose: Enabling Licensing Models: connecting business with technical infrastructure for managing and protecting intellectual property. 09.00    Welcome to the Geospatial Rights Management Summit (Sam Bacharach) 09.15    Connecting business with technical infrastructure (Bill Rosenblatt) 09.30    Managing and protecting intellectual property in the geospatial realm (Kara John) 09.45    A brief history of GeoRM (Graham Vowles) 10.00    Case Study: Spatially Aware Content and Consent Services for Location-Based Computing (Raj Singh) 10.20    Review of standards and approaches (10min lightening talks)

  • Science Commons initiatives related to geospatial data (Puneet Kishor)
  • Information Rights Management in a geospatial context (Keith Banda)
  • Rights Management and the W3C Geolocation WG (Matt Womer)
  • XACML 2.0 (Hal Lockhart)
  • Use cases for location based access control policies (Calvin Powers - tbc)

11.20    Panel Discussion: How does this fit with the example case study? (Facilitator - Philip Bogden) 12.00-13.00       Lunch and networking 13.00-14.00       TC Opening Plenary 14.00    Panel Discussion: Enabling Licensing Models - different communities need to license content under different licence models. Can we move to a standardised way to encode these licensing terms from a human, legal and technical perspective? (Facilitator - Jude Umeh) 16.00    Summary and Next Steps (Sam Bacharach)                  Moving from internal OGC process to public OGC Network approach 17.00    Close   Useful links: Geo Rights Management (GeoRM) Domain Working Group (http://www.opengeospatial.org/projects/groups/geormwg ) Geospatial Digital Rights Management Reference Model (https://portal.ogc.org/files/?artifact_id=14085 )     This summit provides an opportunity to learn about and discuss the Geospatial Digital Rights Management Reference Model (GeoDRM RM) that has been developed by the GeoRM Working Group ( http://www.opengeospatial.org/projects/groups/geormwg ) of the OGC Technical Committee. The GeoDRM RM is an abstract specification for the management of digital rights in the area of geospatial data and services. The OGC membership will use the GeoDRM RM in developing OpenGIS Implementation Specifications for open interfaces and encodings that will enable diverse systems to participate in transactions involving data, services and intellectual property protection. 


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