Geospatial Law Webinar

Tuesday, 29 June 2010 14:00 EDT

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The price to attend is $85, which is payable at the time of registration.
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The objective of this webinar is to educate the geospatial community (users
and executive management) on some of the key legal issues associated with
collecting, using and licensing geospatial data. Attendees will get a
lawyer's perspective on several areas of law, including privacy,
intellectual property, licensing, data quality and liability that impact
geospatial operations.

Speakers include:

   * Kevin Pomfret, Attorney, LeClair Ryan LLP, Executive Director, Center
for Spatial Law and Policy; OGC Board Member
   * Kara John, Senior Vice President, Intellectual Property & Privacy,
DMTI Spatial
   * Peter Schreiber, Attorney and Lead Counsel, ESRI

This online event will last for 90 minutes, with a substantial amount of
time dedicated to a "live" question and answer session for attendees.

Attendees will learn:

   * What issues a lawyer considers important with respect to protecting
intellectual property rights
   * How lawyers deal with issues such as privacy and liability in a
   * How a license agreement can be used to allocate business and legal
risk associated with a transaction
   * What the key provisions are for a spatial data license agreement
   * What are the legal ramifications of location-based services