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Geonovum shows how to model an Application Domain Extension of CityGML in UML

  • Posted on: 28 August 2012
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Linda van den Brink, Geonovum

Geonovum, Netherlands has the task to provide better access to geo-information in the public sector. To fulfil this task, we at Geonovum develop and manage the required geo-standards. Of course we base our geo-standards on the international ISO and OGC geo-standards. 

OGC Xlink Policy and timeline to move to XLink 1.1

Back in 2000, the OGC Members determined that the W3C XLink recommendation was well suited to the requirements for GML 2.0 as well as other OGC standards. However, at that time, W3C did not have a XLink schema. Therefore, the OGC Members decided to define an OGC XLink schema that was based on the W3C XLink recommendation. This XLink schema is now used in numerous OGC standards (See below).

How the OGC Processes Change Requests

There seems to be some confusion as to how OGC Change Requests (CRs) are processed and how quickly the process takes, so here’s some useful information.

Apologies in advance for the length of this posting!

In early 2009, the OGC Members approved a change in policy with regard to how change requests to existing OGC standards would be processed:

• Only official Change Requests would be considered. The Members felt that a formal CR submission and tracking process was required to strengthen standards revision life cycle maintenance and configuration management.