The Art of Discovery: Data, Services, and Applications

Discovery is an art, at least if the desired object is more complex than a simple blog web-page such as this one. Here we are talking about discovery of Earth Observation (EO) products, services providing on-demand processing capabilities, and applications that are not deployed yet but waiting in an application store for their ad-hoc deployment and execution. 

Instead of processing ever-increasing amounts of data locally, these applications are transferred to where the data resides. But how to discover these applications? How to understand what data an application can be applied to? How to chain applications? How to combine applications with already deployed services that provide data and data processing capabilities? All these aspects are now in focus of OGC Testbed-15.

Hello from OGC's new CEO, Nadine Alameh

Spreading the word about OGC and growing a more diverse yet connected global community of enthusiasts is one of the reasons I took on my new job as the CEO of OGC. I won’t use this blog to bore you with the details of my educational background and professional experience (you can find those easily on LinkedIn), instead let’s focus on a few things, starting with 'Kicking off the next 25 years of OGC.'

Providing OGC Services for Canadian Climate Data

  • Posted on: 27 March 2019
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Derek Van Der Kamp, Environment and Climate Change Canada, and Tom Kralidis, Meteorological Service of Canada.

Canadian Centre for Climate Services (CCCS) in-browser Climate Data ViewerDerek Van Der Kamp, Environment and Climate Change Canada, and Tom Kralidis, Meteorological Service of Canada, provide an overview of the Canadian Centre for Climate Services' use of OGC Web Services to provide 9 climate datasets from Environment and Climate Change Canada. An important factor of success in supplying this data is the use of international standards, which ensure the interoperability of information and data access across a wide range of networked data processing systems.

OGC’s Marine Summit, Singapore: exploring the uses, challenges, and cutting-edge applications for geospatial data in the marine domain

  • Posted on: 26 March 2019
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OGC Marine DWG Co-chairs, Andy Hoggarth & Jonathan Pritchard

Trevor Taylor opens OGC's First Marine SummitDuring the recent OGC TC Meetings in Singapore, the OGC Marine Domain Working Group, in close cooperation with the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) and Singapore’s Maritime and Ports Authority of Singapore (MPA), organised the first OGC Marine Summit.
The purpose of the Summit was to: promote the value of interoperability and discoverability of marine spatial data (and MSDI); create awareness of data standards and applications applicable to marine data acquisition and use; explore the uses, challenges, and cutting-edge applications for geospatial data in the marine domain; and further the development of marine standards in both hydrographic and broader, non-hydrographic fields (e.g. ecology, energy, tourism, geology).

OGC’s 110th Technical Committee Meeting: Onwards, Standards!*

Trevor Taylor, Director, Member Services - Asia & the Americas, takes readers through all the exciting happenings from the recent OGC TC Meetings held in Singapore. The meeting was hosted by NUS, sponsored by the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) and the Maritime and Ports Authority of Singapore (MPA), and included a special Monday evening reception sponsored by the UK Ordnance Survey. In addition to the many Working Group meetings, this TC Meeting featured OGC's First Marine Summit and an Integrated Digital Built Environment (IDBE) Summit, as well as a meeting of the OGC Asia Forum.

Tech Update 2019 Q1 from OGC CTO, George Percivall

OGC’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is responsible for developing OGC’s Technology Strategy and coordinating the strategy across all programs of the Consortium. Currently the main activities of the strategy relate to the OGC Architecture Board (OAB), OGC Technology Forecasting, and the evolution of the OGC Baseline. This column provides an update on those and related activities from the past three months.

OGC’s Charlotte TC Meeting: as it was, not just as it seemed*

Braving heavy snowfall, and overcoming subsequent flight delays, more than 140 key standards leaders from industry, academia, and government attended last week’s Technical Committee (TC) Meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. The meeting was hosted by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). This TC Meeting also featured an Energy Summit, a special IndoorGML-hosted open session, a wrap-up of the Environmental Linked Features Interoperability Experiment (ELFIE), and more.