Leading the way in GeoInteroperablity

Defense and Intelligence has had a long history of both successes and struggles when it comes to leveraging new technologies and open standards. 

Over the years, the domain has become a focal point in OGC’s own mission: making location information Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR), and thanks to collaboration across industries, this mission is being achieved through best practices across industries. OGC’s own June Member Meeting has a core focus on Defense and Intelligence because of the criticality of this mission.

Here are four reasons why defense and intelligence is the focus of the OGC June Member Meeting

1) Leaders in the Location Community are showing interest in evolving the landscape of Defense and Intelligence Innovation and Standards

The Defense and Intelligence community at OGC hosts industry leaders from around the globe, and with it has come an emphasis on collaborating across the community from its top levels. To help better explore these topics, leaders from Maxar, the National Geospatial Agency, and more, will gather and provide their unique perspectives on geospatial solutions for intelligence. 

2) Gaming and Simulation is taking center stage, and greater awareness will help evolve those core technologies and standards.

Interoperable Gaming and Simulation has become both a growing topic of interest, and a centerpiece for showing the value of scalable solutions for the Defense and Intelligence community. With this in mind, speakers from Epic Games, Haezeltech, and more have created a special track to show the location community their findings thus far, and what this means for the domain.

During this portion of the meeting, special topics will include Data-centric security, and the powering of gaming engines in location.

3) An emphasis on domain awareness and collaboration can help create additional traction across industries.

Alongside industry leaders, domain experts are gathering to help solve issues surrounding making GEOINT information more easily accessible across the globe. With the unique opportunity to provide additional insights from across other domains such as aviation, emergency management and response, and telecommunications, OGC will be hosting a number of Domain Working Groups and a special track during the meeting to address them. 

Some of the Domain Working Groups at the OGC Member Meeting that will be focusing on Defense and Intelligence include: 

4) Connecting the community is more important than ever!

With almost the entire developed world spending the last year interfacing digitally, connecting across the Defense and Intelligence community is as crucial as ever. Harnessing the community behind standards, innovation, and more to help address issues in Geo Interoperability, data security, and disaster relief can only be achieved through collaboration. 

As mentioned in a recently published GW prime article penned by OGC Business Development Director, Melisa Harder:  There is a long history of innovative technologies being developed across the D&I domain that go beyond operations and into our everyday lives. Examples range from superglue and microwaves to canned food and digital cameras. Even the Internet, which is the cornerstone of modern society, was brought to the world via D&I. We can’t stop here.

By bringing together domain experts, thought leaders, and a large portion of the defense and intelligence industry’s technical creators and collaborators, the OGC Member Meeting will help pave the way for future successes. Although there are still many more hurdles to overcome, the community stands ready for the challenge and living up to its legacy of a constantly evolving, leading force for innovation. Join OGC as we continue to harness this community and move forward.