Our newest OGC staff member: Marie-Françoise Voidrot

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Marie-Françoise Voidrot

Marie-Françoise Voidrot

Today I am honored to join the staff of OGC Europe as Europe Director of the Innovation Program, and to contribute more intensively to the development of OGC activities.

Prior to joining OGCE staff I worked with Meteo-France, the French national weather service. While working there, I was a project manager of weather information systems for meteorological forecasters, with major customers like the CNES, the French Armed Forces, Air France, etc., and, more recently, for mass market consumption via the Internet and mobile apps.

As an OGC member, I have contributed to the definition of the MetOcean Domain Working Group that I have co-chaired with Chris Little since 2009. Together, we have helped the definition of common terms of reference for a relationship with the World Meteorological Organization that supports both hydrological and meteorological standards development.

I have been involved in the organisation of several annual workshops within the Met Community to gather the issues identified by the developers, while providing Met Ocean data with OGC standards to several spatial data infrastructures, including INSPIRE and SESAR. Met Ocean data is complex, inherently spatial, temporal, and constantly changing. It is big, heterogeneous, and multi dimensional - including multiple time attributes. Another source of complexity is the very demanding level of service, as these data are used for critical safety purposes, and are essential for major business activities.

The MetOcean DWG provides an open forum to work on meteorological data interoperability, and a route to publication through OGC's standards ladder (Discussion paper -> Best Practice -> Standard -> [and if appropriate] ISO status), and giving a route for submission to WMO CBS for adoption. Since 2009, the DWG has produced several Best Practice documents (available on the MetOcean DWG wiki) and multiple presentations to further knowledge and understanding of the complexity of these environmental data.

As further background, I have a Master’s Degree in Computer Sciences from Ecole Centrale Paris, and a Master’s Degree in meteorology from the Ecole Nationale de la Meteorologie (French National School of Meteorology). I am trilingual (French, Spanish, and English), and am located in Toulouse, France.

As a new OGCE staff member, my first focus will be on the NextGEOSS, which fits perfectly with my experience. NextGEOSS aims to develop GEOSS into a next-generation data hub, and increase the use of Earth Observation data to better support decision making.

If you would like to get in contact with Marie-Françoise to offer congratulations or discuss the MetOcean DWG, NextGEOSS, or other OGC activities, she can be reached at mvoidrot [at] opengeospatial.org, or on Twitter @twitt_mfv.